Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson (13) catches a pass in front of Washington Redskins safety Jordan Pugh (32) at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Stevie Johnson excited to face Jabari Greer

Buffalo Bills star WR and New Orleans Saints star CB Jabari Greer  used to be teammates in the 2008 season, but Johnson was on the scout team whereas Greer was a star corner on the team. Since then, Johnson has become a highly valued player in his own right, and Greer is still a solid starting CB, even at the age of 31. Greer locks down receivers while on the Saints, but he has been struggling a bit this season. The Saints and Bills are set to square off tomorrow, and we’ll likely see a lot of Johnson vs. Greer matchups, so it will be an interesting reunion to watch.

Stevie Johnson is looking forward to facing Greer, because he wants to show him how much he has improved over the years. “I’m excited to go against him because I want to show him that I’ve gotten better,” Johnson said. “That’ll be a little of the motivation for myself to see Jabari out there, but at the end of the day I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing most of their other cornerbacks also working in the slot and being on each side. And I don’t believe they follow receivers so I’ll be getting a dose of (Keenan) Lewis and Jabari.”

It’s tough being an older corner in this league, and you can bet Johnson will make sure to give Greer fits whenever he is matched up on the former Bills. Keenan Lewis is the better player at this stage, but both Greer and Lewis know how to put tight coverage on receivers. Johnson is having a solid season as the Bills No. 1 receiver, and he will need to be great tomorrow in order for the Bills to keep up with the high-powered Saints offense, especially with C.J. Spiller set to miss this week’s contest.

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