Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) on the field during the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Dez Bryant Injury: Dallas Cowboys WR needed Epidural injection, fully expects to play

Dallas Cowboys elite wide receiver Dez Bryant has promised multiple times that he will play in this week’s huge game against the New Orleans Saints, and Bryant’s confidence in his ability to play helped ward off worries that he suffered a disc-related injury in his back. While his back injury will almost certainly limit his effectiveness today, a limited Bryant is still a very dangerous Bryant. Cowboys VP Stephen Jones stated earlier this week that Bryant’s injury is a muscle issue and not a disc-related issue in his back, which was definitely great news and essentially locked in the expectation that Bryant would play today.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that Dez Bryant promises that he will play in today’s game, and it’s definitely safe to call him a guarantee today. The Cowboys need him in the lineup in order to match the offensive firepower that the New Orleans Saints have with Jimmy Graham, Drew Brees, Marques Colston and countless others.

The especially interesting information in Werder’s report is the fact that Bryant received an Epidural injection in his back earlier this wee to help the pain subside. It’s apparently worked very well, and Bryant will look to increase his terrific total of 51 receptions and 705 receiving yards on the season. When Bryant is on the field, the other pass-catchers on the Cowboys have a lot more room to work, and Bryant is definitely somebody that Tony Romo trusts more than ever these days.

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  • SmartThinking

    The operative theme here is that Bryant’s injury is serious enough to have to be assuaged through injections. There’s more to this story than Bryant just having a sore back. If he’s getting a spine shot earlier in the week and an epidural injection just before a game, my sense is that Bryant has a blown disc and requires a discectomy immediately. Sure, he’s a tough kid playing a sport that requires you to play through the pain. If he’s not careful with his body, however, he could very easily end up a cripple from a spinal injury of this severity and never play football again, or, walk upright, for that matter. Can he make it through the season playing at an elite level with intense pain and risk further, really serious, irreversible injury, or does he dump the season and go to IR and the operating table? That’s all going to depend completely on Bryant and his individual tolerance for pain and bodily punishment. For his sake, I hope Bryant makes that decision and not his coaches.

    • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

      So the Cowboys and Bryant are just downplaying everything and Stephen Jones lied? Definitely believable, since nobody 100% believes what teams and players publicly sell on injuries. Your thought process would make sense, because FOX Sports Southwest had a very strong report earlier this week that Bryant does have a disc issue. It sounds like he’ll help the playoff-bound Cowboys in any way possible this year by playing through the disc injury and holding off on surgery. I have no idea if the disc is the case since I’d like to give Jones’s quote the benefit of the doubt, but Epidural shot = more to the story in most cases.