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Antoine Winfield contacted by Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have a short-term hole at the cornerback position due to a groin injury to Brandon Browner and a four-game suspension for marijuana that was levied to his replacement as the team’s No. 2 corner in Walter Thurmond. Both players are two of the league’s better corners, but both should be back for the Seahawks by the time the playoffs roll around, especially since the Seahawks will have a bye.

But that likelihood and the fact that the Seahawks have excellent depth at corner with Jeremy Lane and Byron Maxwell waiting in the wings hasn’t stopped the ‘Hawks from contacting an old friend. According to FOX Sports’s Mike Garafolo, the Seahawks have contacted veteran corner Antoine Winfield, who has been “retired” since being released by the Seahawks. They released Winfield during the 53-man roster crunchdown, but it wasn’t due to a decline in ability from Winfield. No, the Seahawks cut ties with the 36-year-old nickel corner because of cost. Paying Winfield out would have been expensive, and the Seahawks didn’t believe it was worth it due to Thurmond’s ability.

The fact that the Seahawks are contacting Antoine Winfield shows that they are very serious about two huge, upcoming games against the New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers. The Seahawks are still better than both squads despite their injuries at corner, but going up against Drew Brees and the Saints elite offense with a thin situation at corner is on the dicey side.

Although Winfield is retired and has reportedly rejected overtures and workouts from “several teams”, he isn’t ready to walk away from the game yet. He still wants to win an elusive Super Bowl ring, and the Seahawks look like the best team in the league right now. It’s a great opportunity for Winfield to win a ring, but it is unclear as to how much interest he has in the Seahawks or how much interest the Seahawks have in him. I mean, contacting is a lot different from signing, especially since we don’t know  the level of interest that the Seahawks have in Winfield. But I think it’s safe to say that this is a situation worth monitoring closely, because Winfield should have plenty of interest in re-joining the Seahawks, even if they did release him in August.

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  • Steve Speidel

    Thurmond’s smoking dope is an incredible betrayal of a team on a championship run. And it shows the team is not as close as I thought. Could no one detect that he was smoking dope? Doesn’t the team help each other keep their ethics in? Or has the permissive attitude towards pot in Seattle permeated the Seahawks?
    This episode indicates to me that the Seahawks lack the character of champions.

    • Joe Soriano

      One player smoking weed is indicative of the Seahawks lack of character as a team? One player does that? Thurmond’s a good player, but in the grand scheme of things he’s only the nickel corner. He’s only one player. In the NFL, “character” is really just team chemistry and not having too many people making foolish decisions like Thurmond did. Because this is just one substance-abuse-related incident, I wouldn’t make that kind of a jump, Steve.

      But when it comes to looking at Thurmond’s actions as his own, what he did was stupid, and I sincerely hope he had to answer some tough questions to his teammates and the coaching staff. You can’t afford to make mistakes like that. Weed is legal in Washington and whether or not you think the league should allow Broncos and Seahawks players to smoke weed is irrelevant; it is against the league’s substance-abuse policy for any player to use marijuana. Thurmond broke that rule, and he deserves to be punished and criticized for it for sure.

      • Steve Speidel

        I’m not saying the Hawks are a bunch of potheads, I’m saying they lacked the responsibility to see what Thurmond was doing and stop him. That’s a character issue. Most might disagree with that,”He’s a grown man”, etc. I think a great te

        • skeletony

          What is troubling is that you even consider this a “character issue”. As if smoking pot is somehow morally wrong?! No one says anything about a guy drinking a beer, even though that is one of the most dangerous and harmful drugs known to man but a guy hits a joint and the NFL brings down the ‘ban-hammer’ and a bunch of people like you act as if he were driving 50 mph through residential neighborhoods.

          • Steve Speidel

            While it is evident that pot affects performance and motivation much more and differently than alcohol, that’s not what I’m talking about.
            Responsibility for one’s fellows is a concept so foreign to our culture that I can’t even get it across to you guys. I’m saying it is the business of teammates on a championship caliber team to keep each other in line, both on the field and off the field. Now we’ve lost Thurmond AND Browner to pot because their teammates didn’t care enough to find out what was up in their lives.

          • skeletony

            You are assuming quite a bit there fella’. I frankly do not even see where your presuppositions are coming from? They don’t make much sense. You seem to be assuming that Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner walked into the locker room in front of their team, broke out a bong and a lighter and started smoking as their teammates looked on or turned their heads. Pete Carroll and Michael Robinson and Golden Tate have all said what you seem to want the Hawks teammates to have said since week one of this year. In the end the worst you can actually say about WTIII and BB is that they signed contracts agreeing to be paid more than 90% of Americans with the qualifier that they abstain from smoking pot, but they smoked anyway. However it is quite unfair to them because every player in the NFL can drink as much as they want to so long as they do not get into legal trouble or injure themselves and there is no one monitoring them or testing them to see if they drank over the weekend.

            Responsibility to one’s fellows is not at all a foreign concept. You are engaging in a form of the ‘Myth of the Golden Age’ fallacy (where people think nostalgically about a past time, like when they were growing up, and conjure artificial memories of that time being less crime-ridden/more moral/etc.).

  • The Joker

    Seattle is gonna get torched by NO. When the juggernaut comes to town and Brees drops 4-5 scores on them the league will know the Saints are the team to beat in the NFC.

    • skeletony

      Not when they get beat by teams like the Jets.

  • Immortal Illumined

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!

    it’s legal in Seattle and Colorado!!! lol, time for the NFL to have their business licenses suspended in the 2 legal states and 20 something other medically legal states until they enact a policy change…..STATES RIGHTS!!!! SUE THEIR A$$e$!!!