New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) throws a pass against the Washington Redskins in the first half during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Eli Manning in walking boot, crutches

New York Giants franchise quarterback Eli Manning had his worst game as a pro, and his interception totals were eerily reminiscent of his decision-making issues in 2010, when he threw 25 interceptions. Of course, Manning bounced back a year later and won the second Super Bowl ring in the best season of his career, and there’s plenty of hope that he can do just that in 2014. The Giants, however, will have to overhaul their offensive line, because Eli didn’t have enough time in the pocket, and the running backs barely had any room to run as well.

The hits finally took their toll on Manning in the Giants 2o-6 Week 17 victory over the Washington Redskins, as Manning left the game late in the first half with an ankle injury that did not look good. He stayed in the game, threw his 27th pick of the year, then left for X-Rays and never returned. He was diagnosed with a nasty high-ankle sprain, and he isn’t expected to be healthy for six weeks. That doesn’t mean much in the offseason, but it still hurts; thankfully the ankle injury only occurred in Week 17.

According to FOX Sports’s Mike Garafolo, Manning has been spotted in a walking boot and crutches, and you can bet that he’ll be working his tail off in the offseasons once he’s healed; he knows that he needs to have a better year in 2014. I bet Manning bounces back next season, but the Giants really do need to get a better line in front of him and the RBs.

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  • Joseph Bulger

    Joe, nice article. Eli will be working hard in the off season, but he needs a real QB coach right away. That’s not Sean Ryan, who’s a WR coach but not a QB coach that Eli needs for the 2014 Super Bowl run. Mr. Mara will shell out big bucks to fix the O-line, and get a TE who can block, and a RB as insurance for AB and Wilson, and a WR when Nicks departs. But Eli should close the door and demand that Coughlin bring in top shelf guru position coaches as well. No more 2 year experiments with WR coaches as QB coaches, or the OCs’ son as WR coach. All the talent will not be fully realized if the WRs in 2014 still don’t establish a connection with Eli, as they have admitted, or if Eli’s being coached by someone who isn’t the very best QB coach Mr. Mara’s money can buy. That’s not the Packers’ approach, and as a result their QBs have been among the best in the league for quite a while now. Eli and Nassib too need a guy like Tom Clements, who tutored Aaron Rogers, coached Bret Favre, was QB coach with the Steelers, the Saints, and a 2 time CFL champion QB, and an All-American QB with Notre Dame. That’s a QB coach!! What Gilbride has going on is akin to hiring the owner of the local putt putt golf course to coach Tiger Woods on his swing. Eli would appear to have been reinforcing some undesirable habits behind that atrocious O-Line, and Sean Ryan has absolutely no hope of providing the level of expertise Eli needs to get that stuff fixed. Sean is however a good WR coach, as it wasn’t until his “promotion” that the WRs started having these disconnection issues. Talent with mediocre position coaching is not a recipe for success.

    • Joe Soriano

      Thanks for the kind words and happy New Year.

      You make a great case for the next Giants offensive coordinator, and it’s obvious that Gilbride is one of the worst OCs in the league. His time in New York ought to be over with, but what sadly complicates things is Coughlin’s close friendship with Gilbride. I think they’ve worked together for over a decade, and it’s gotten to the point where there are worries that Coughlin might simply quit if Gilbride is fired. Ridiculous, right?

      If the Giants can pull Clements, then that would be awesome. I can’t help but feel that losing Mike Sullivan hurt this team significantly offensively.

      Coaching is an issue, but personnel is a bigger issue, in my view. I think you’ve said this before plenty of times, but this team absolutely has to get better offensive linemen who are younger and more talented. Adding another WR would also be a good idea, though Randle and Jernigan look like very good compliments for Eli. As you said, it’s all about how the QB and WRs connect, and quite a few of the picks can be chalked up to mis-communication. As we saw with the Patriots earlier this year, disconnect between QBs and WRs leads to uncharacteristic mistakes, especially when combined with spotty blocking (which the Giants definitely have). Cruz admitted it himself, there is a disconnect.

      Great point on adding a new RB, since they can’t count on Wilson to be healthy next year. Unless if they think Cox is “ready”, then they are going to need to add a solid, you-know-what-you-get back.