Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (18) during warm ups prior to the game against the Arizona Cardinals at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Kenny Britt runs his mouth again, says he was unfairly treated by Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was slammed into the doghouse for the entire 2013 season, and his career with the Titans is going to be over once he hits free agency in 2014. Britt had a horrendous contract year, and he’s done nothing but complain about unfair treatment from the Titans organization. It’s pure hogwash that absolutely nobody believes, and it’s disappointing to see that Britt is merely hurting himself by taking stabs at the Titans organization. I mean, do you think other teams around the league will want to sign this guy in the offseason after he’s repeatedly made inflammatory comments?

According to the Nashville Tennessean’s John Glennon, Kenny Britt complained that the Titans didn’t give him a “fair shake” and that there was a “double standard” against him when it came to dropped passes from Titans wide receivers.

First of all, when Britt did play this year, he dropped passes at a higher rate than any other receiver in the NFL, and I have absolutely no idea what his deal is with his conspiracy theory against the Titans. They’ve given plenty of chances despite multiple penalties, blown blocking assignments, off-the-field incidents, injuries, inflammatory comments, drops, and lackadaisical route-running. Britt has been given a ridiculous number of chances in Tennessee that surpass his incredible raw talent, and it’s high time the Titans chopped this guy off.

During the middle of the season, though, it actually seemed like Britt had matured a little bit, because he stated that he would stay quiet and avoid making those types of comments (it seemed like some wise self-preservation). Well, that didn’t last quickly. The Titans have plenty of talent at receiver with the likes of budding star Kendall Wright, who is much more consistent as well, and so they’ll gladly let the door hit Britt on the way out.

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