Jul 27, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride during training camp at the Timex Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

New York Giants Likely To Fire OC Kevin Gilbride

There is blame to pass all around New York. When the Giants look like one of the worst offensive teams in the league, then someone has to take the blame. People are not going to point the finger at Eli Manning. First fingers will be pointed at the offensive coordinator and that responsibility belongs to Kevin Gilbride.

The Newark Star-Ledger reports the Giants will fire offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. Gilbride has been a part of head coach Tom Coughlin’s staff since 1995. He was with Coughlin during his days with Jacksonville. That could be a tough firing for coach Coughlin.

ESPN New York believes that Coughlin could choose to resign instead of getting rid of coach Gilbride. That could cause an interesting situation in New York. The Giants probably should look at getting some help on that offensive line and sustain a running game, without those two components the offense will look like trash no matter who is holding the clipboard and headset on the sideline.

Find more talent on offense and things will look a lot better for whoever is coaching.

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  • Joseph Bulger

    Really not sure about Gilbride Sr. Too many unanswered questions… like how much authority was he given by Coughlin to make the offense into whatever he wanted. Some suggest the offensive scheme is Coughlin’s, and that Gilbride executes it within certain boundary constraints… i.e. Coughlin has Gilbride in a box, and as long as he stays within it, he can do what he wants. If that’s the case, and Gilbride’s taking the fall because his offense is broken, then Coughlin owns some of that too. Maybe that’s one of the elements behind Coughlin’s reluctance to fire Gilbride… because holding him fully accountable when he didn’t have the authority to fully exercise his creativity isn’t right. Speculation.

    What appears to be more of a legitimate reason for firing Gilbride is his apparently poor decision making in selecting his position coaches, and how it could be argued they adversely affected the offense’s performance. Gilbride Jr. as WR coach, and Sean Ryan as QB coach specifically. Nepotism prevailed, because I find it exceedingly hard to believe his son is the best WR coach available to the Giants organization. What we do know is that both Cruz and Randle both stated they lost the connection with Eli, and that’s squarely on Gilbride Jr, and he also shares in Nicks not reaching the end zone in a contract year. But the Giants had a good WR coach… who Gilbride Sr. moved to QB coach to make room for his son at WR coach. Is Sean the best QB coach that Mr. Mara’s money can buy? Hardly. But Gilbride Sr. apparently didn’t even present that as an alternative. Instead, it appears he awarded Sean Ryan the job without conducting a thorough competition for the position. If Gilbride Sr. was serious about bringing aboard the very best QB coach available, he would have established a benchmark — the standard by which candidates are judged. Who’d be a QB coach benchmark? How about Tom Clements of Green Bay… tutored Aaron Rogers, coached Bret Favre from a 29 INT season down to 18 the next, and was QB coach for the Steelers, and Saints, and 2 time CFL champion QB, and All-American QB with Notre Dame. That man has all the tools, experience, and demonstrated past performance to successfully coach QBs in the NFL. Against that benchmark all candidates are evaluated… Sean Ryan? 7 years on Giants staff, with 2 as WR coach, then now 2 years as QB coach. How does that stack up? Not good. Eli and the Giants deserve the very best QB coach, and they need him now. Eli has developed some poor habits behind that O-line, and he has lost some confidence. Sean Ryan’s not the guy to restore it. A Tom Clements type QB coach is. The fact that Gilbride Sr. would jeopardize Eli’s performance, and the performance of the WRs, for the sake of getting his son a job is grounds enough for dismissal.