New England Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch (84) prior to a game against the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Belichick says Deion Branch helping Colts get insight storyline 'overrated', tells it like it is

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is oftentimes made fun of by fans and members of the media for giving glib answers at press conferences, and there’s this completely unfounded stigma that he bullies the media. Belichick is actually quite respectful to the media (he’s been heard cracking jokes to CSNNE’s Tom E. Curran in press conferences in the past), and the only time he gives glib answers is when he’s asked private information he legally doesn’t have to give (such as specific info regarding injuries). If you ask him about scouting out players, schemes, a player’s Hall of Fame candidacy, or league history, he’ll give extended answers that are definitely worth noting. Today, he received an interesting question, and he definitely gave an interesting answer.

According to the Boston Herald’s Mark Daniels, Belichick was asked about how much of a difference the Indianapolis Colts decision to sign long-time Patriot Deion Branch makes as far as game-strategy goes. A big storyline this week has been the fact that Branch can help out the Colts by giving them intel on the Patriots ahead of Saturday’s game, but Belichick views that as overrated nonsense. And yes, he used the word “overrated” more than once in his explanation.

Belichick said, “I think that’s way overrated. And a lot of times the information in those situations is sometimes misinformation. Sometimes things change from when the person was (here), and I’m not saying in any particular circumstance, just saying in general. A lot of times a player, whose been in from another team tells you this is what they do, this is their call, this is this, this is that, and then it turns out that’s not really what it is.”

“Honestly, we have enough trouble doing all the things that we do, and getting it right, and getting it ready and doing it well, and I’m sure they have the same thing. With the amount of volume that you have in your different systems and the amount of volume that you face on the other side of the ball. To be able to not only know everything that you’re doing but also figure out everything that they’re doing – it’s pretty overrated.”

I couldn’t agree more with Belichick, and there’s not much of a chance of Branch telling the Colts what they couldn’t already find out about the Patriots by watching loads of game film. If Branch gives the Colts any advantage when it comes to spilling the beans on any Patriots-related secrets, then it’s a negligible advantage. It’s honestly just talking-point fodder, because the Patriots aren’t going to use the same calls etc. as they did last week and such. Everything that Branch could help the Colts out with is already evident on tape, and he isn’t going to help the Colts exploit the Patriots weaknesses; that comes down to execution and game-planning. It’s possible Branch could help, but the impact isn’t even worth noting; it’s just one of those things that sounds good on paper because it leads to talking points.

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