Week 2: NFL Postseason Power Rankings

What a great first week of the NFL postseason. It all began with the birth of a perennial superstar coming back from a 28 point deficit to put his team into the next round of the playoffs. Yes, I’m talking about Andrew Luck. He is going to be the best quarterback in the league. Just give him another year or two and he will be at the top of everyone’s list.

It all continued with a surprising victory for the New Orleans Saints on the road in Philadelphia. We all know that the Saints are a completely different team when they are on the road, but they were able to come together and play great team football. The postseason of surprises continued the San Diego Chargers were able to upset the Cincinnati Bengals on the following day.

I’m hoping that we get yet another great weekend of fantastic football. This weekend has everything needed to be a great one. Great quarterback matchups with Tom Brady and Andrew Luck, two great defenses battling it out with San Francisco and Carolina and of course, a game that features two team from the same division.

Remember to check back next Tuesday as we will be down to our final four teams.

Number 1: Seattle Seahawks (13-3) – Last Week 1

Headed into the divisional round against the New Orleans Saints, the Seattle Seahawks players must be feeling quite confident in their chances at knocking out New Orleans yet again. I’m sure you all recall the beat down that took place back on December 2nd, when the Seahawks completely dominated the Saints. Will we see another performance like that or will New Orleans come out and surprise everyone yet again?

Number 2: San Francisco 49’ers (13-4) – Last Week 2

Again, I might get some heat from putting the Niners at the two spot, but I’m totally cool with that. Next to the Seahawks, it is hard to argue the fact that San Francisco has the best personnel in the league. They win the battle in the trenches and have a phenomenal running attack. If Colin Kaepernick can continue to play like he did this past weekend then the Panthers are going to be in a world of trouble.

Number 3: New England Patriots (12-4) – Last Week 3

Whether it’s Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck, it seems as if Tom Brady always finds himself playing the Indianapolis Colts in January, as this is his fourth time he will be facing the Colts in the playoffs. Things are a little bit different this season and New England has multiple backs who can pound the ball consistently. LeGarrette Blount, Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen all are explosive and are all threats every time they touch the ball. I still like New England out of the AFC and I think they will find themselves one step closer to playing in February this weekend.

Number 4: Denver Broncos (13-3) – Last Week 4

Uh oh… This might not be the type of matchup that the Denver Broncos were hoping for. They will have to go up against a dangerously hot Chargers team who just defeated them a few weeks back at home. It will be interesting to see how Peyton Manning performs against the Chargers defense who continues to have Peyton’s number.

Number 5: Carolina Panthers (12-4) – Last Week 5

This weekend we will all finally get the opportunity to see if the Panthers are ready to take the next step into developing into a Super Bowl team. They do have all of the tools, however, they will be playing an experienced San Francisco team this week. The Panthers finished off the season at 7-1 at home which is where they will be playing this week, but it just so happens that the 49’ers have the best road record out of any team in the league this season. It’s time for Superman to put on his cape!

Number 6: Indianapolis Colts (12-5) – Last Week 8

At one point in his career Andrew Luck will be the best quarterback in the league. That might be very soon if he keeps this up. Sure, he played an awful first half against the Chiefs this past Saturday, however, he kept his poise and took ownership for his faults. I’ve never seen a quarterback have a better comeback than Luck did. After throwing the early interceptions in the game he was able to bounce back strong and finish the game with four touchdowns.

Number 7: San Diego Chargers (10-7) – Last Week 12

How about these San Diego Chargers? First, they find themselves in a hole in the middle of the season, then they make the playoffs in a very unlikely fashion and now they will be playing the Broncos in the second round playoffs. Truly amazing how this team has come together over the past month and a half. Can they continue their Super Bowl hopes alive this weekend against Peyton? Philip Rivers does have a winning record against Peyton Manning.

Number 8: New Orleans Saints (12-5) – Last Week 11

I was quite surprised as the New Orleans Saints this past Saturday.  Despite being known for their poor record outside of the Super Dome, they were able to march right up to Philadelphia and take care of the Eagles. The defense played spectacular and really caused the Eagles offense to stutter. Unfortunately, I do not see them traveling to Seattle and leaving as victors.

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