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Johnny Manziel working with Whitfield Jr.

Earlier today, George Whitfield Jr. posted a picture of Johnny Manziel working out on his official Instagram account. Which, if you’re a Johnny Football fan, is a good thing. Whitfield Jr. has worked with several successful NFL quarterbacks.

He has helped guide numerous quarterbacks to strong professional careers. Some of the more notable clients that he has helped groom are Ben Roethlisberger, Donovan McNabb, Cam Newton, and Andrew Luck. Manziel has worked with Whitfield Jr. before, though. He worked with him prior to his Heisman Trophy winning season in 2012.

I’m a believer in Johnny Manziel and I think he has a chance to excel at the NFL level.  Players like Manziel may have faltered in the NFL of the past. In the Modern day NFL, players like Manziel are becoming more prevalent (3 out of the 4 NFC Divisional quarterbacks were mobile quarterbacks).

I think that Manziel is a top 10 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. I’d be surprised if he gets past the top 5, honestly.

What team do you see picking Johnny Football in the NFL draft? And would YOU want Manziel as your QB? Feel free to share your thoughts below!


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