Kyle Shanahan watches from the sidelines against the Chicago Bears at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Shanahan hired by Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have reportedly snagged “their guy” to fill the offensive coordinator vacancy, as a source tells FOX Sports’s Alex Marvez that the Browns have hired Kyle Shanahan as their offensive coordinator. It was reported earlier this week that Shanahan was no longer a candidate for the gig, which made sense since the Browns hired former Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains to the staff. However, the Browns always had their eyes set on doing what the Baltimore Ravens did this week by assembling a stacked staff of coaches on the offensive side of the ball. Their plan was to hire both Loggains and Shanahan to the staff, which Shanahan as an OC and Loggains as, likely, the quarterbacks coach.

The Ravens, of course, hired former Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, who once had interest from the Browns, and brought in his former offensive coordinator Rick Dennison as their QBs coach. They tried to make their coaching staff even more stacked by going after former Texans and Washington Redskins OC Shanahan, but he ultimately turned them down.

If the Browns lost out on Shanahan, then they would have simply let Loggains be their offensive coordinator, which definitely wouldn’t have been “settling”. Although having both Shanahan and Loggains is obviously better, Loggains is a very solid OC and has plenty of respect. Norv Turner is a great OC and was a great hire for Mike Zimmer and the Minnesota Vikings, but I think it’s safe to say that the Browns came out winners by getting both Shanny and Loggains, who are both terrific minds on offense. The Browns desperately need some great offensive coaching, too, since they don’t have a franchise QB, a legitimate running back, or a No.2 wide receiver to help out Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron.

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  • arnie

    Joe, I have to give it to the Browns, they did something smart. They are looking long term in the event Kyle doesn’t work out or get’s hired away, they have “backup” plan. Just like in San Diego, when Whisenhunt was hired , they brought in Frank Reich as his successor.

    • Joe Soriano

      Yup, the Browns decision to go after Loggains first was indeed a smart one, and it’s crazy how the Browns came out good in all of this despite some bad decisions early in both the head coach and offensive coordinator searches. Pettine looks like a solid HC, and the tandem of Shanahan and Loggains should be very effective.

  • Letterman007

    Hopefully this works out, having two OC, but one is a QB coach!? This could be good or bad depending on how the two get along?

    • Joe Soriano

      Great comment, and I raised this point in a piece earlier yesterday when I wrote about Mary Kay Cabot’s report that Shanahan was still in the mix. I noted that the Ravens did this same OC-QB kind of thing with two great coaches, but that Kubiak and Dennison worked closely as HC-OC in Houston. Loggains and Shanahan have never worked together in the past, so things could end up badly if they can’t work well together. That said, I think there’s much more reward than risk here, but we’ll see. Although Shanahan was the subject of negative reports coming out of D.C. after his messy split, all of that is just “rumor mill” stuff. I think it’s telling that Loggains was willing to be a QBs coach (like Dennison, he’s definitely overqualified for that) under Shanahan, because it shows that he really wants to be here by making that unselfish move.

      • Letterman007

        I can only hope you are correct for the good of the team!? I’d hate to see what happens if they don’t !!! That could turn ugly !