Jan 19, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; A fan of the San Francisco 49ers holds up a sign before the 2013 NFC Championship football game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

49ers Fan Trolls Seattle Seahawks Celebration Parade

The San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks hate each other. The players hete each other. The fans hate each other. There is just no love between the two sides. The two teams have built up a nice little rivalry between the two sides in the last few seasons.

During the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl parade celebration today, a San Francisco 49ers fan decided to put his troll game on expert mode. He showed up to the celebration all decked out in his 49ers gear and stood out like a sore thumb in the crowd.

Here are a few of the images that were captured on the day:

The kid’s troll level is on high. Mad props on that.

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  • Chase Lawhead

    The best part is the sign saying ‘silencing the 12th man.’ Haha tough to do after a Super Bowl win!

  • Pridenpoise

    What a tool, I wouldn’t blame anyone for smacking this idiot around, he is obviously just trying to start S**T.

  • 55saveslives

    He wanted to see what bandwagoners look like!

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      Hahaha… That is a good one

  • Nicestrat

    Born in California, lived in Frisco when I was a kid. I’ve lived the majority of my life in Western WA. I was a HUGE 49ers fan when our Seahawks were in the AFC. I love San Francisco SO much. The city is beautiful and the people are fantastic. I wish we had a rivalry with a different city!!! I say KUDOS to this kid for showing pride in his team!!! Sports are entertainment. We should all be having fun with this. I will still say, however, GO HAWKS!!!!

    • Nicestrat

      It does kinda look like a “Where’s Waldo” picture……ha!

  • MikeHawk

    On a more serious note, the “Waldo” Niner fan was actually a homeless kid who got help from both Seattle and SF. Great story here: