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December 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen high-fives offensive tackle Menelik Watson (71) against the Kansas City Chiefs during the first quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders Concerned Last Season's 2nd Round Draft Pick Is A Bust


The Oakland Raiders are concerned with their 2nd round draft pick from last season, Menelik Watson. They are not sure if he has what it takes to make it in this league (CSN Bay Area). He has only played in one season, but there is already concern among the coaching staff. Can’t they give him some time to learn and develop?

Watson has barely practiced with the team and has not seen the field much. Their draft from the 2013 offseason is not looking too great at the moment. 1st round draft pick D.J. Hayden didn’t do much in his first season in the league. Watson is getting talked about as a bust already. They released their 4th round draft pick Tyler Wilson. Who is making these selections again?

If the Raiders want to get out of the cellar, they need to get playmakers out of the draft. They need to get people who can contribute out of the draft. Missing on all your draft picks should get a general manager fired. Having that many missed picks will just have the team sitting in the basement of the league for years to come. The Raiders have a high draft pick coming up, they better make the right move.

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  • Pridenpoise

    This is why Reggie McKenzie is a joke. Everyone wants to point the finger at the coaching staff, while giving McKenzie a pass, because of his brilliant work cutting bloated contracts and players who are only their to get a paycheque, not exactly splitting the atom, any competent GM is capable of this task. Reggie has gone back to gambling on picks DJ Hayden, fresh off of heart surgery 1st round pick, now it still remains to be seen if DJ will pan out, but it’s a HUGE gamble, Menelik Watson basically started playing football a couple of years ago 2nd round pick, another gamble. The clock is ticking Reggie get your head out of your ass and start taking players that are not fresh out of the ER and, guys who decided they wanted to be football players yesterday.

    • Demarkus Tramail Swan

      Do u have a twitter account? I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Eric Kench

    I don’t know why they picked this guy! He’s as raw and inexperienced as they come. McKenzie’s draft picks in the early rounds have all been bad including Berstrom whom he took in 2012.

    • Jonathon epperson

      Bergstrom? How much talent did you expect with a comp pick at the end of the third round?

      • Eric Kench

        There were a couple of good DTs available that they could’ve taken with that pick. Bergstrom was four years older than the average rookie and Watson was three years older. These two picks and D.J. Hayden are terrible. It’s as if Al Davis, the senile old man, was still alive!

        • Jonathon epperson

          Not even close

        • Dean Thomas

          Injuries happen, when this guy was healthy, he looked pretty damn good. DJ will come along too, did u see how the secondary sucked after he was injured? Everybody expects rookies to play like all-pros these days.

  • Stanley Carr

    Bro develope d talent u have.. That’s what’s wrong with us we don’t know how to coach players up!!!

  • Jonathon epperson

    Wow dude hasn’t been on the team a year yet and getting bashed!?! Did you see this dude play for Florida State!!! And youu say hes raw so you mean he can only get better? How many sacks did he allow in two years at fsu? This article is horrible! We needed a tackle that could step in and play. Watson was considered a steal also if you didn’t know….Where does this shit come from. He was fucking injured

  • bigninaross

    Wow really? Did you just pull this out of thin air because its a down time for football right now?

  • Ervin Barrentine

    You guys are crying for nothing these guys are great picks and will prove so in coming years. allow them to play out their rookie contract and I bet they will be resigned by us

  • Kevin Lurker

    Both picks are controversial however they are not busts. Give it time. Watson looked good on very limited time. CB takes time relax.They can both still get an entire off season and camp.