July 27, 2012; Metairie, LA, USA; A detailed view of NFL footballs on the field during training camp at the team

Video of First Female RB in Pro Football Getting Punished

For the first time ever, a woman was playing professional football at a position other than kicker. 35 year old RB Jen Welter was brought on with the Indoor Football League Texas Revolution and had her chance to shine over the weekend. She was given the opportunity to score on a few goal line situations and here is what was caught on tape:

As you can see, the defense didn’t care who was carrying the ball. They took their licks on her and made sure she felt it when she got the football. She was tossed around a couple of times. It even looks like she should have scored on the first time she touched the football. Some of those hits were brutal, but what can you expect when your running back stands at 5-foot-2 and 130 pounds. Man or woman, a running back of that size is going to get murdered on the field against players that stand at 6-foot+ and 240 pounds.

Respect for her to get out there and take some of those hits. They looked pretty brutal.

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