Calvin Johnson (81) and Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields (37) on Thanksgiving. Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers Rumors: Sam Shields wants 4 years, $22.4 million

The Green Bay Packers have a few key free agents to worry about this offseason, and the biggest priority of those FAs is undoubtedly cornerback Sam Shields, who has a world of potential. I have been critical of Shields for his rawness and the fact that he gets burned too often, but he has excellent physical tools and continues to improve with each passing week. Shields has some of the best ball skills at the position in the league, and he would be a sought-after free agent on the open market due to his youth and upside. Those two traits are also reasons why the Packers really want to keep Shields around, and he’s an even bigger priority than extensions to star wide receivers Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.

One worry that I’ve had this offseason is that the Packers- or another team- would be forced to overpay for Shields due to the aura of the word “upside”, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein reports, via a tweet from Cheesehead TV’s Brian Carriveau, that Shields is looking for a contract similar to the one Chicago Bears corner Tim Jennings recently signed.

That’s right, Shields wants a four-year deal worth $22.4 million, meaning that he would make $5.6 million per year. That’s not overpaying, and that’s a pretty team-friendly deal considering the contract would take Shields through the prime of his career. While I have had my issues with his ability as a pure cover corner, Shields has shutdown potential and, again, great ball skills with 17 passes defended last year.

At this point in time, I would be surprised if both sides don’t agree to a deal in the near future, assuming nothing changes.

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  • Paul Sauber

    If those numbers are true, resign him right away

    • Joe Soriano

      My thoughts exactly. I’ve always been worried about overpaying Shields, but this deal looks good. Hopefully it’s true, for the Packers sake.

  • palmercottrell

    No problem just don’t make it guaranteed, tie it to performance. If he get’s injured have the options to limit his pay.

    • Phillip

      A player of Shields caliber don’t have to sign performance based contracts. If this report is true, probably half that contract would be guaranteed, if not slightly more, either way a contract of that price is a deal for Sam Shields n should have already be locked up at that price, the fact that its not is why I feel theres probably little truth to that rumor. I see Shields coming in around 4 years 30 mil with 13-15 in guaranteed money.

  • Phillip

    There are some issues if that report is true about him wanting a deal that pays him just 5.6 a year, and the issues are that a deal for that low isn’t already done. I see Shields around 4 years 30 mil, around 13-15 guaranteed and on the market a CB needy team would pronably gladly hand him that. If these reports are true, this needs to be done like now!!

    • Joe Soriano

      It’s definitely fair to be skeptical about the chances of Shields accepting that kind of an offer without testing the market first, and he definitely doesn’t need to sign performance-based contracts; he’s getting a deal with long-term security. That said, four years and $30 million is an awful lot of money for a CB who is mostly getting paid on his “potential” to be great.

      • Phillip

        Shields was ranked as the 16th ranked CB in the league last season i think, 7.5 a year if i remember correctly would of paid him even with that rank, 16th highest. He’s worth that, especially if Williams who hasn’t been as good as Shields has been is getting paid that. Anyway, the report is actually that that’s what GB was looking to pay him, not what he was looking to be paid. Looks like GB is gonna take 1 more step backwards from making a better D rather than taking steps forward in this offseason. Preparing for another year of 25th-30th ranked defense, an anchor to our 1st-3rd ranked offense. Losing Shields makes things more difficult to rebound from that horrific defensive year last season. I find it crazy, we give Burnett 4 yrs 24 million + extension last season but Shields coming off a solid season can’t even get 6. IDK, i quit following this offseason shit, obviously things aren’t gonna get better if this is how we’re gonna start.

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