New Orleans Saints charity cruise scheduled for March

Saints Charity Cruise Could Be Weird

The New Orleans Saints were going to host their first annual charity celebrity fan cruise in a few days to Cozumel Mexico. It might have seemed like a good idea when they first booked all the guests, but after the most recent events, the guest list seems to be a group of former players and someone who is in jail.

Darren Sharper headlines the names on the guest list. He is in jail on rape charges and the stories that keep coming out from his direction are disturbing.

Lance Moore and Roman Sharper both are also on the list and they were recently released off of the roster. Do they really want to still head out to the trip. Imagine if they had Darren Sproles as part of this package as well. We may have thought that there was some sort of curse being on the guest list for the cruise.

Kenny Still is the lone survivor on the guest list. He will be part of the crew on the cruise.

They might want to re-evaluate this guest list before they depart and look for a few different options for the cruise. Things could get a little awkward.

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