2014 NFL Mock Draft: UPDATE Cahill Version 5.11 (Post Free Agency)

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Jan 3, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Missouri Tigers defensive lineman Kony Ealy (47) lines up during the game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the 2014 Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium. Missouri won 41-31. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

17. Baltimore Ravens
Kony Ealy
Defensive End, Missouri

The Ravens were able to add another receiver, Steve Smith, for Joe Flacco via free agency. That signing frees them up to go in a different direction with this pick. They lost defensive end Arthur Jones to the Colts, so they will look to replace him here. Ealy has the ability to be just as much of a threat as a pass rusher and run stuffer as Arthur Jones was for the Ravens.

Previous Pick: WR Marqise Lee


18. New York Jets
Eric Ebron
Tight End, North Carolina

The Jets have holes all over the roster. They added Eric Decker as a weapon for Geno Smith, but must continue to add more threats in the passing attack, especially if they plan on letting Kellen Winslow and Santonio Holmes walk via free agency (or whatever you call it if they don’t actually go anywhere else). They could also go with a corner, but Dee milliner played well to end the season. If they do, I think it would be Verrett over Dennard.


19. Miami Dolphins
Zach Martin
Offensive Guard, Notre Dame

The Dolphins finally addressed the need for almost every position along the offensive line. They signed Branden Albert via free agency to a huge contract, but they still a couple guards and a right tackle. Zach Martin could fill any of those roles. He projects best as a guard on the blind side, but could probably hold down the outside spot on the right side.


20. Arizona Cardinals

Calvin Pryor
Strong Safety, Louisville

The Cardinals took care of their need at tackle by signing Jarred Valdheer. They appear to be letting Yeremiah Bell walk, and at 36, I don’t blame them even if he did have a good year in 2013. Pryor could fill in that strong safety spot right away and provide help in the box and give Tyron Mathieu space to roam center field. The Cardinals could also pick CJ Mosely after losing middle linebacker, Karlos Dansby, to the Browns.

Previous Pick: TE Jace Amaro


21. Green Bay Packers
CJ Mosely
Middle Linebacker, Alabama

The Packers lost James Jones and Evan Dietrich-Smith to free agency, but were able to retain BJ Raji and added Julius Peppers to play the elephant. But, they still desperately need some skill and athleticism in the middle of the field. Luckily, CJ Mosely slipped by the Cardinals just one pick prior, and the Packers get their man.


22. Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Verrett
Cornerback, TCU

The Eagles kept Nate Allen and added Malcom Jenkins through free agency, but Calvin Pryor is gone anyway. The Eagles still need help at cornerback despite the addition of Nolan Carroll, so they could take a chance on Verrett here. They could also take Dee Ford if they want to bolster their pass rush.

Previous Pick: SS Calvin Pryor


23. Kansas City Chiefs
Brandin Cooks
Wide Receiver, Oregon State

The Kansas City Chiefs definitely lost free agency. They lost starting tackle Branden Albert, starting guard Geoff Schwartz/ Jon Asamoah, starting end Tyson Jackson, and weapon/ returner Dexter McCluster. They lost those players without even addressing their biggest need, wide receiver. I think Cooks has the highest upside of any receiver left, and he has the speed the Chiefs need on offense.

Previous Pick: CB Darqueeze Dennard


24. Cincinnati Bengals
Dee Ford
Defensive End, Auburn

The Bengals are another teams that couldn’t stop the bleeding in free agency. They lost their starting left tackle and two of their best pass rushers, Michael Johnson and James Harrison. There really are no corners or tackles worthy of this selection, so the Bengals should look to bolster the pass rush with Dee Ford.

Previous Pick: CB Jason Verrett


25. San Diego Chargers

Louis Nix
Nose Tackle, Notre Dame

The Chargers didn’t have any cash to throw around in free agency, and thus, they missed their two biggest needs: corner and defensive tackle. I believe a defense should be built from the inside out, and in the 3-4, that is even more true. Louis Nix is the man the Chargers need to anchor the 3-4 defense and clear up room for their pass rush of Dwight Freeney and Melvin Ingram.


26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis)

Darqueze Dennard
Cornerback, Michigan St.

The Browns already took care of their needs at wide out and runningback in free agency, and quarterback earlier in the draft. It is time for them to give some attention to the defensive side of the ball. They need a corner to play opposite of Joe Haden. Dennard is a great athlete that can contribute on special teams if he does not crack the rotation early.

Previous Pick: QB Derek Carr


27. New Orleans Saints
Bradley Roby
Cornerback, Ohio State

The Saints cut Jabari Greer to make room for Jimmy Graham’s franchise tender. They need a replacement on the outside, especially if they don’t want their shiny new safety, Jairus Byrd, to spend all his time chasing down receivers. Roby has world class speed (he ran a 4.39 at the combine) and battles for the ball.

Previous Pick: DE Dee Ford


28. Carolina Panthers
Odell Beckham Jr.
Wide Receiver, LSU

The Panthers have lost Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell, and Ted Ginn Jr. so far this offseason. The remaining receivers on their roster have combined for a total of 5 receptions in the NFL. Yikes. The Panthers need some receiving help badly. Odell Beckham is probably the most NFL-ready receiver at this point in the draft.


29. New England Patriots
Ra’shede Hageman
Defensive Tackle, Minnesota

The Patriots took care of their need at corner, and even added Brandon LaFell to the receiving core. Big man, Vince Wilfork, has apparently asked for his release from the team, but even if he sticks around, he is already 32. The Patriots need to infuse some youth into the defensive line after letting Isaac Sopoaga walk in free agency.

Previous Pick: DT Aaron Donald


30. San Francisco 49ers
Kelvin Benjamin
Wide Receiver, Florida State

The 49ers cut Carlos Rogers, so they may be looking for some corner help if they don’t think Chris Cook can live up to the hype. They were able to retain Anquan Boldin, but lost Mario Manningham to the Giants. The Niners would still like to add some speed to the outside, and Benjamin will do just that.

Previous Pick: Brandin Cooks


31. Denver Broncos
Xavier Su’a-Filo
Offensive Guard, UCLA

I personally think that the Broncos got a little carried away in free agency. They let big names get the best of them and spent big bucks to try and position themselves for another run now. They let Zane Beadles go to the Jaguars, which was a smart move given his struggles in pass protection in 2013. They can replace him with the more consistent Su’a-Filo of UCLA.

Previous Pick: CB Bradley Roby


32. Seattle Seahawks
David Yankey
Offensive Guard, Stanford

I think the Seahawks maneuvered free agency just as well as they could have. Everyone is always looking to overpay and steal away Super Bowl talent, and the Hawks managed to only lose a couple key contributors. They still need to add some protection for Russell Wilson, and David Yankey is one of the top guards available.

Previous Pick: OG Xavier Su’a-Filo


Thanks for checking out my Version 5.1 2014 NFL Mock Draft. I will be updating it each week until the NFL Draft on May 8th.

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  • tru

    Much better

  • tru

    But I don’t see Manziel going that high. But hey, maybe somebody will be that desperate

    • Conor Cahill

      I really dont either, but somehow he is even sticking around the conversion for the #1 pick. None of the QBs are really deserving of a high pick, but Manziel is the one with the most questions around him. I think he’s a better fit for a later team such as the Cardinals or maybe even Browns, but the run on QBs early never ceases to amaze me.

      • tru

        There’s many QB needy teams, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go high. . He looked good in college, but I don’t think he ready to start in the NFL

        • Conor Cahill

          Exactly. We are to the point now where a couple guys had success as rookie starters and now its expected. I dont think that would be smart for anyone drafting Manziel.

          • Julio Echeverria

            I don’t think it’s smart for u to keep answering comments. Ur lost like a blind man in a dark room wearing black sunglasses.

  • Julio Echeverria

    Wow! You deleted your previous post and then you just inked Watkins to the Raiders?? Dude, you’re just embarassign yourself. What are you gonna do, delete this post also? I guess we figured out your knick name: backtrack Cahill. Sad lil dude you are. I told you, never mess with the Nation fool.

    • Conor Cahill

      Last post was wrong, why would I keep it up?

      • Julio Echeverria

        It’s all good fun dude. I wouldn’t take anything personal. I shouldn’t have to tell u how we love owning our divisional rival fans. That’s what makes the AFC west fun. Well that and making fun of the Raiders ( get it, I made fun of myself). Like I said in my last post, I just think your not putting in enough research. You might be on to something, but you need to operate from a position of knowledge. Doesn’t soudn like you have enough raider knowledge to make an educated guess on who’s being drafted. But, again, don’t take it personal man coz I’m jsut gonna keep bashing you on basic principal. i mean, you are a bolt fan.

        • Conor Cahill

          Who would you like to see the Raiders take?

          • Julio Echeverria

            Trade down would be the best option. If not, Aaron Donald is would ccompliment our FA signings. You would have Tuck, Smith, Donald and Woodley coming after the QB. Wouldn’t need to blitz as much. You’re saying that doesn’t make more sense than adding a WR to a plethera of WR’s?

          • Conor Cahill

            I try to avoid the trade down scenarios in mocks because it just gets messy. I keep the Atlanta one because it makes the most sense by far. There are a few teams that I think will trade down and yes, the Raiders are one of them. Texans, Vikings, and Lions are others. At 5, Watkins is their best option. A plethora of average receivers only works when you have a star QB or a serviceable runningback.

          • Julio Echeverria

            FA isn’t over friend. Not only that, but Murray is finally getting on the field, DMac will get carries and get hurt, and Sheets is a wild card. RB by committee is not a bad thinkg in our case. That said, do u remember the SB? Denver had way better recievers ad general offense than Seattle. A good defense destroyed “the best offense of our generation” (according to Jaws). I say good coz I don’t see Seattle’s defense close to Baltimores 2002 or the Steel curtain, or Doomsday or the Black Hole or any of those great defenses.

        • esco charger

          The raiders dont even make a knowledgeable pick year in and year out why u think u been in the gutter for so many years its a guessing game with all of this but no one even gives two f#%ks about the butt pirate nation u will pick the fastest guys and be in last place again

          • Conor Cahill


          • Julio Echeverria

            Did you stop watching football before Al died? This is why Cahill and yourself are just like all the rest of the sheep out there. you read reports and make an opinion based on others opinions. That’s called being a follower. if you want to write an opinion, base it off facts so your argument doesn’t fall through. I eman, when “reporter” replies “tru”, that just goes to show you how idiotic you both are. And I didn’t need to curse or make another derrogatory term to make my point. So go find a differ4ent way to be a bigot, and Cahill, find another calling coz this just isn’t your thing dude.

          • esco charger

            I never stop watching football im actually in sports training know more then u will ever know so calling me a sheep and saying im going with everyone elses opinion is just pathetic and dumb if I never heard anything from anyone about the faiders I would just have to watch them and know they suck I will tell u this even if u had 10 or 11 picks in this draft u still wouldn’t be able to fill all the holes u have u pick second round corners early in the first come on u have to over pay every single player that is past his prime or to sign over there and when u do get him u kill whatever confidence he has bcuz u guys stink that bad and will continue to suck so do us all a favor and stop talking like they are in the hunt every year the only hunt ur used to is where u will picking in the top 5 every year so please save the time and space on this for a team that is actually gona do something this year and have a bright future just be happy I still have a pick and haven’t been thrown out of the league for being a waste u sheep hahahaha funny kids learn before u speak raiders suck find a new team

  • Julio Echeverria

    In all seriousness, it just doesn’t seem you’re actually taking the time to research, analyzing each team individually without biased. Do you really think that the Raiders are going to take a WR with the 5th overall when our current roster loks like this: J. Jones, R. Streater, D. Moore, A. Holmes and B. Butler? Think about this, this year’s draft is very deep at WR. That means that any team, including the Riaders, can get a playmaker at WR in the 2nd rd. We need a DT more than we need another WR. It’s nto that we’re hating on you, it’s just that from at least my eprspective, you’re not taking the time to research. This is my constructive criticism post. Only one you get buddy, lo. So, don’t mess with the Nation fool!

    • Conor Cahill

      I take a lot of time to research. I think Jones was a bad signing and Moore/ Holmes/ Ford cant stay on the field. Watkins is better then every one of them at the BPA. I research, just have a different opinion than you.

      • Julio Echeverria

        Dude, Ford is gone, Holmes was suspended and when he came back he never missed a game. Nevermind what I sad before, now I know you don’t know what you’re writing about. That’s a fact. Go cover ur bolts dude.

        • Conor Cahill

          Didnt say he was hurt. Suspension means he’s not on the field. Giving up on Ford means they need Watkins even more.

          • Julio Echeverria

            Because Ford gave us soooo much production that we need to desperately replace his numbers… Just stop it man, Spon Zone is gonna not let you post anymore. Ur just proving me right, thanks!

          • Conor Cahill

            lol no you need numbers in general. Ford didn’t produce them and barely anyone else did either

          • Julio Echeverria

            Streater, 60 rec, 888yds, 4td. Not great TD numbers, but ya, solid.
            Holmes, 25rec, 413yds after coming back from suspension mid season.
            Moore, 46rec, 695yds, 5td. And he was hurt some time.
            Ford gave us fumbles, dropped passes and no effort. So ya, I think there’s enough production there to not worry about Ford. Next.

          • Conor Cahill

            adding Sammy Watkins can give you a real #1 receiver and help you try to catch up to the 4th ranked Chargers passing offense ;)

          • Julio Echeverria

            Let’s see who does better next year playing the NFC West. Then we’ll talk about offense vs defense.

  • 3kolu

    I just don’t see the Vikings drafting Johnny Manziel unless they want to sell tickets and jerseys. The Vikings have Everson Grifen and Brian Robison to rush the QB, they need speed at LB, an upgrade at LG, Safety and they could use competition at the nickel CB for Josh Robinson.

    • Conor Cahill

      Trading down may be their best option. But, Manziel could just be sitting there like low hanging fruit.

      • 3kolu

        Too many red flags, height is below average, arm-strength below average, his slender-frame just not NFL built,, pocket passing skills nearly non-existent, character definitely a candy-apple-red flag. His elusiveness was extraordinary in college, but in the NFL where everybody not only runs like Jadeveon Clowney, but play like JJ Watt, he needs to stop, drop and roll.

    • mike

      Have to agree with you on the Manziel thing. The problem with the ticket angle is that by the time the Vikings get to their new stadium Manziel will be disabled, unable to perform or buried, possibly by Jared Allen playing for the Seahawks.

      • 3kolu

        Extra, extra, Jared Allen wants to be paid $1 million per sack!

  • Nathan Kearns

    “Jake Long is recovering from ACL/MCL surgery, Saffold has missed 17 games is the past 3 years, and Harvey Dahl missed 8 games at right guard in 2013. They were able to retain Rodger Saffold, but he is better on the inside.”

    No offense, but “made of glass” might be a stretch. Jake Long is recovering from surgery, Saffold has missed plenty of games at left tackle, and Harvey Dahl as missed plenty of games at guard…

    …However, Long is rehabbing nicely and is signed on through 2016. Saffold isn’t playing on the outside anymore, and hasn’t missed a snap since moving to right guard. And, more important, Harvey Dahl was released by the Rams over a week ago.

    The factor that mocker continue to forget about is the emergence of Joe Barksdale as a competent starter at right tackle. He started a majority of last season, and graded out (via Pro Football Focus) as a Top 25 OT and, more importantly, a Top 10 RT.

    Not only has Jeff Fisher never taken an offensive lineman in the opening round, he currently has two starting OTs that ranked in the Top 10 at their position last season. Moreover, with the re-signing of Rodger Saffold, they have an arguable Top 10 OG that experience at both LT and RT.

    The Rams won’t (and shouldn’t) take an OT in the opening round. With their opening pick, look for Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans (if they get into the No.7 to No.10 range in a trade down), or another offensive or defensive playmaker.

    • Conor Cahill

      Ya I really like Mike Evans for the Rams if they can trade down again. Do you think he could be worth a #6 pick?

      • Nathan Kearns

        Not sure, but if all of the offensive tackles are still on the board, I’d assume there would be plenty of teams (Bucs, Bills, Giants) looking to move up for Robinson.

        I’d like to think that the Oakland Raiders would not be foolish enough to pass on Robinson if he were available at No.5, considering their failure in the OT sweepstakes this offseason. Donald Penn is a stopgap starter, at best, and their willingness to hand out that massive contract to Saffold (before retracting/failing) shows that they believe it is a massive area of need.

        If Sammy Watkins is available at No.6, I couldn’t imagine a scenario where he was not sporting the blue and gold in 2014!

        • Conor Cahill

          lol if you look at the other comments it appears that the Raiders must be happy with their offensive line for now. very, very happy. not sure why, i agree that Penn is a 1-2 year starter at the very best.

          Ya, Sammy Watkins and Tavon Austin would be a crazy tandem. I still think Evans is a better fit for their receiving core right now.

          • Nathan Kearns

            Anyone that genuinely believes Donald Penn is a “solution” at offensive tackle was obviously not watching him play last season… throw on the tape of Penn vs. Robert Quinn later in the year and it looks like an NFL player vs. a high school JV offensive tackle. But, if Oakland is satified, good luck in the AFC West next season…

            To the latter point, I whole-heartedly agree about Evans over Watkins in terms of “fit,” and even in terms of ceiling and potential. Evans is 20 years old with an unmatched catching radius, Calvin Johnson-build, and arguably the best hands among the Top 5 receivers in the class (based on drop rate last season). In my opinion, No.6 would not be too high for Evans, but the St. Louis Rams might be thinking differently, especially if Watkins is still on the board.

          • Conor Cahill

            Ya I didn’t even think Penn would get any guaranteed money, but I guess thats what the Raiders are for.

            Skill is skill. I agree, fit is a nice thought, but when you have a shot at a guy that is just out of this world explosive, take him and make him fit.

            Reminds me of the 84 NBA draft. Blazers needed a center, so they wanted to pass on Jordan. Bobby Knight dropped this knowledge: draft the best talent, and find a spot for them. “Draft Jordan, and play him at center.” Coming back to the point, either guy works haha.

          • Julio Echeverria

            Both of you need to generate an opinion of your own instead of listening to the media. you talk about the Raiders like you know what you’re talking about. I mean Cahill you just showed everybody how much you know. There was a draft last year you know. And we did select a T by the name of Watson. So having a proven starter teach him the position is a great situation. Cahill even deleted his previous post since he was so off. It’s comical at this point.

          • Conor Cahill

            Mistakes happen. I said it in the first sentence of this post. Find something else to complain about.

          • Julio Echeverria

            Ok, the fact that you are writing for this site is terrible and makes me wonder who’s making these decisions. Retractions only work when you understand where you’re wrong. You are incapable of not only that but, you’re also incapable of being objective. And no dude, you do not do “extensive” research. I told you earlier, you messed with Raider Nation. And if Trey Wingo had to apologize on air for talking out of his ass, beleive me, you’re not hearing the end of it. Actually, this is only the beginning, so get used to it coz you have been blasted on Raider blogs. Your name is on the Nations radar. I’m not going to be the only one scrutinizing your every printed word. Better be on your game bolty.

  • Stanley Turner

    I hate to see wideouts go to teams with crappy QB’s, Steelers need to trade up and take Evans. He is more a fit there.

    • Conor Cahill

      Ya he is. They got screwed by how well he’s performing after the season. They may have to get into the top 8 to get him though. Worth it?

      • bk

        If he is gone, they should trade down and get Benjamin or Amaro and another pick… even Cooks….. I think there is a big dropoff in talent after Evans… Same for S/CB/OT… Be better off in the long run for them to trade down, pick up Benjamin near bottom of Rd1, then go CB like Roby or Fuller with first pick in rd 2 and then Bucannon with pick they used to trade down… If all decent CB’s are gone look at Shazier/VanNoy or Amaro, Niklas there..

        • Conor Cahill

          Ya I still really like Amaro. Benjamin was their pick in my last mock, but I agree I think you trade down if he’s their target.

  • freeme10

    Sammy Watkins first pick, A.J. McCarron with second. Please, oh please, oh please.

    • Conor Cahill

      Not Mettenberger or Boyd?

      • freeme10

        I like Mettenberger on the field – his off the field antics worry me. As a Buckeyes fan, I don’t want Boyd for some selfish reasons (I know, how academic) . But I would like him more if he was 3 inches taller.

        • Conor Cahill

          My biggest problem with Mettenberger is his timing and ability to sense pressure. For that reason i dont think he should be thrown in to start anywhere in 2014.

          Boyd had a good pro day, but he needs to either learn to stick in the pocket longer or throw on the run more accurately.

          How do you feel about Carr?

  • Old Frog

    Everyone wants the Cowboys to take Donald or Jernigan at 16 but I’m hoping with recent FA acquisitions Zack Martin has moved up our draft board.

    • Conor Cahill

      Ya the Melton signing gives them a few options now

  • Fred

    I disagree with the assessment of the “safe pick” Bucs. I seriously doubt they will spend their 1st round and 7th overall pick on the SECOND offensive lineman in the board, especially when Johnny Manziel (QB) and Eric Ebron (QB) are both still available. The Anthony Collins signing was solid, and all indications are Carl Nicks is fine. Detrick-Smith can start at Center and they’ll probably keep Zuttah, who can play any O line position with starting quality. Same with Jamon Meridith and Demar Dotson, but signed. In short, the Bucs don’t need a safe pick…they should and will pick the best player on the board when it comes up. I’d also not doubt if they trade down four to six notches to draft Ebron, pick up Derrick Carr or perhaps AJ McCarren in the 2nd round, and get an extra third round pick for trading down.

  • powderBLUE801

    Hey Cahill it takes a real man to admit he made a mistake and I commend you for that. And for also taking time to listen to what others have to say as you did on my CB to the jets comment

    • powderBLUE801

      And don’t worry about the raider nation I guess the one fan they have!! It would be hard to keep falling on your face year after year so they are a lil bitter. LOL

    • Conor Cahill

      Much appreciated. And of course, you guys all have great opinions/ knowledge so I definitely listen. Can’t please everyone, especially fader nation haha

      • powderBLUE801

        You just keep writing and the comments only make you stronger!! BOLT UP!!!!

  • Jarod Cook

    The Browns didn’t even send anybody to visit Bridgewater’s pro day, how can you have them drafting him? He couldn’t even preform in a scripted performance that he’s had since the end of football season to prefect. He wants to chalk it up to nervousness what’s he going to do on Sunday’s when the pressures on and they need a winning drive, how’s his nerves going to be then? To compound my concern with him he dropped weight between combine and pro day. He was already a little undersized to begin with and has had history with injuries, it scares me to know he’s one good hit away from being knocked out for a couple of games.I still say the Browns are going to give Hoyer a shoot and use there picks to build around him. At #4 they take either Watkins or surprise people by taking either Robinson or Matthews. They didn’t use FA to better the OL so I can see them grabbing one of them to play RT, and moving Schwartz in to play RG. At #26 if Dennard some who falls to that pick, it will be a steal for the Browns but I don’t see him making it there. If they took Watkins early I think they look to add an OL player here. If they went with one of the OT early I think they add a WR. My preference is Jordan Matthews his size, speed, and playing style are almost mirror images to that of Josh Gordon’s. And the entire league saw what he can do when he’s pretty much by himself on the field, why not add another player who is just like him for WR2. Look at his stats all time leader in receptions and receiving yards in the SEC, as well as had a 19 YPC average last season. Either way they go with my 2 picks I’ve secured the right side of the OL, and added a dynamic WR to an already threatening receiving core. I still say they look to add a defensive player at #35 ILB or CB. And grab a QB in the 3rd or 4th round, as well as add another with there 5th or 6th round pick.

    • Conor Cahill

      Thanks for the comment. I personally don’t see them taking Watkins after signing Hawkins. But I agree, Bridgewater will not last in the top 5 for much longer.

      • Jarod Cook

        The only problem I’ve got with Hawkins is he’s still unproven and has a history of injuries.. Injury set him back again last year but based on his projected stats he would’ve had less receptions and yards from the 2012 season if he played the full 2013 season. If they we’re looking for a slot guy they should’ve went and got Edelman in FA instead. I like Watkins but based on what I see out of him he has little room for overall growth. Don’t get me wrong he’s a dynamic play maker, when the balls in his hands, and does all the little things like run blocking. I personal am for taking the safe pick and taking either Robinson or Matthews at #4, because upgrading the OL benefits the entire offense. Schwartz again struggles to contain the out side pass rushers last season, but based on his size, and road grading ability I think he would be better suited to play RG. With Schwartz and Robinson or Matthews holding down the right side, they should be able to open up a lot of running lanes for are RB’s. And both of them are better at pass protection then Schwartz is. Then at #26 grab a big WR to play WR2.

      • Jarod Cook

        Also this is Ray Farmers first draft as GM, he’s watched the previous 2 regimes gamble and fail with there picks. I don’t think he’s going to gamble on one of these Boom/Bust QB’s, with his first every pick as GM. He plays it safe and goes with fan favorite Watkins, or takes one of the top talents like Clowney, Mack, Robinson, or Matthews.

  • gene offenberger

    good thing you’re just a writer and not a gm. your picks are aweful

  • Eddie Currie

    I’m sincerely hoping the Bears don’t take Jernigan in the 1st at 14. I’d love to see Kelcy Quarles or Ego Ferguson in the 3rd, and either Jimmie Ward or Deone Bucannon in the 2nd. Our two greatest needs would be covered (DT and Safety) and we could then take the best available defensive talent at 14. It’s a slight gamble, but I think it’s the more successful strategy. I’d be very happy with Gilbert, Dennard, Mosely, or Kony in the 1st. I also feel the Bears’ number one priority in the draft should be to trade back later in the 1st and attempt to acquire an extra 2nd round pick.

  • Rufus Benard

    No offense kid but have you ever played a down of organized football in your life?

  • Brandon Neermann

    I will be disgusted if the Falcons trade up in this draft. This class is too deep and the Falcons have too many holes to fill to trade 3 potential starters for 1 pass rusher.

  • Wayne Davis

    Why the hell are all these people changing the minny pick to Manziel?? He doesn’t even fit Turners type of QB

  • Nick Mansoor

    I don’t think we will pass on Dennard for Nix