2014 NFL Mock Draft: The Ultimate 32

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Nov 2, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) looks for an open receiver during the first quarter against the UTEP Miners at Kyle Field. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Hey NFL SpinZoners,what’s happenin’? What a wild off-season we’ve had in the NFL! DeMarcus Ware going to Denver? Eric Decker going to New York? Darren Sproles going to Philadelphia? Every team is hitting the free agent market hard and signing whatever player they can find. But, as these teams start to stack up their rosters with their available talent, they are going to have to get ready for one of the biggest player acquisition days of the year: the 2014 NFL Draft. Throughout this off-season I personally have been watching each team and picking players that would best fit their team needs with respect to their draft order. However, as the free agency has plugged some holes in team’s needs, there is still more adjustments to be made for this year’s NFL Draft. Since the playoffs started I wrote article after article detailing some potential NFL draft choices by various teams. My first were the top 8 picks of the draft, then the Bills and Lions, then another 8 picks, then Dolphins, Cardinals and Packers, then another 8 picks, and finally the Patriots and 49ers to top it all off. You can all click on those links if you so desire. On there they have all of my individual picks analysis and film analysis, too.

With this mock draft, I will attempt to take all of my infinite football knowledge and put it into one huge, awesome and ultimate mock draft. All of my 32 individual team analyses have lead up to this point so I hope you’re not disappointed with this mock draft. I understand some of you will most likely disagree with some of my picks (that is what the comment section is for), so don’t be shy to share your opinion. We all have our respective opinions and I’d love to hear yours!

Thus, without further ado, I give you the ultimate 32: NFL Mock Draft 2014 edition.

(Warning: If you are not physically adjusted to awesome analysis and picks, this may or may not be the right article for you. If you feel elation, knowledge or sudden change of mind contact your local draft specialist immediately).


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  • Julien Bélair

    Ok Dennard before Clowney is just stupid….

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      Lol I was thinking this one is a little suspect. I can’t see Dennard going over Gilbert.

      • Julien Bélair

        I can’t see Dennard in the top 10 and even Gilbert is a borderline top 10

        • Marcel West-Bailey

          I agree. I know Detroit needs a corner and I think that’s the only time that Gilbert would go in the top 10. And there’s no way Mike Evans falls to 18. That’s absurd.

          • Julien Bélair

            I think Evans has a better chance to be picked before Watkins than falling to 18

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            I think he’ll break top 10. I actually think Texas Tech will have 3 players drafted in the top 10.

          • Julien Bélair

            matthews evans and ?

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            Manziel. I think one of the QB hungry teams will take a him. Like Jaws says “it’s just a piece in the mosaic” but he had a pretty good pro-day, improving his biggest flaws as it pertains to his mechanics, he’s got intangibles that you can’t teach, and he wants to win. I think some GM’s and coaches will overlook his size and “stardom” for that.

          • Julien Bélair

            haha I forgot about Manziel… but yeah I agree with you I also think all 3 will end up in the top 10

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            That’s gotta be a record. And something else that’s a little out there. Mack may go before Clowney. No guarantee but I can see it.

          • Julien Bélair

            It is possible but I don’t see it…. Clowney to Texans is a lock to me

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            Was Bill O’Brien at Manziel’s pro-day? I know they named off some team executives who may have met with him and I don’t think I heard his name.

          • Phillip

            Yeah he was there, he spoke to the NFL network.

          • Phillip

            Texas Tech huh?? Some people truly should not comment on articles n others clearly shouldn’t write em, Kieth Demolder. Manziel is not 6’1 dude, 5’11 n 3/4.

          • powderBLUE801

            He is 6’1 and 210#. Where did you read 5’11? Unless cbssports and NCAA pages along with the combine are all wrong.

          • Phillip

            Obviously by your comment it shows you really have no business commenting on draft related material. Manziel measured 5’11 3/4 at the combine, he even said it on the show Grudens Camp. You need to go back n check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!

          • powderBLUE801

            It’s amazing that even other sports columnist have him listed at 6″1 and that’s there job to know this stuff. But I’m sorry stuttering Philip whom can’t even spell is the man. Hahahaja

          • Guest

            Stuttering huh??? Are you slightly retarded??? Obviously to call me out on bad spelling when in fact there is actually no bad spelling and than say i was stuttering, yeah, you gotta be slightly retarded cause you can’t be that damn stupid, can ya???

          • Phillip

            Haha, that’s so funny, grammar patrol huh??? You get paid for that??? You must feel really stupid about trying to correct me on Manziels height and being wrong to start pointing out a couple of my typos, trying to make me sound stupid or something, it actually makes you sound really pathetic. How old are you??? 12??? My errors were caused by typing on a cell phone, your mistake was caused by just not knowing what the hell you were talking about, big difference. You should probably know your stuff before trying to act like you do, especially when trying to correct somebody, makes you sound really stupid trying to correct somebody when you are in fact wrong with your correction.

          • Phillip


            And whoever liked your comment needs to also needs to stop commenting on draft related articles. It amazes how many people who comment on here actually have no actual knowledge of what their comnenting on, its ridiculous. Its a pain in the ass to people who actually know what they’re talking about.

          • powderBLUE801

            And it shows by how good you can spell that anyone will take you serious. Who cares you are crying over spilled milk.

          • Phillip

            And what did i spell so wrong??? My mess up on “comnentiing”, is that what you’re trying to point on me dude???? Are you serious???

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            Lol A&M. My bad.

  • blumagic6640

    Packers will not draft a center in the first round. Very silly to say that.

  • Dr Muon Funk

    Ok because Manziels scripted pro day he’s #1. Come on man.. He’s 6’0 with no pocket presence. This is a joke.

    • pbg619

      You sound stupid most pro days are Scripted for a QB….and no pocket presence but he is always rolling out of sacks and making big plays down the field…lol somwthing tells me that you never watch Manziel play or its some serious hate going on with you

      • Dr Muon Funk

        The NFL vs. college football? You’re the stupid one. He runs a 4.5.. so does every linebacker in the NFL. I have watched Manziel play he’s not Drew Brees, he’s not Michael Vick.. Vick runs a 4.3. Brees has incredible pocket presence. I hope you’re right.. I wish the kid luck. I just don’t see it and my guess is a lot of NFL scouts agree with me. So if you’re gonna call someone stupid look in the mirror buddy.

        • pbg619

          Tony Romo and Alex smith dont run a 4.5 but they still aviod sacks and run for yards and if you think Manziel isnt better than Alex Simth your crazy….he moves in the pocket well and I’ve seen him plenty of times standing and take the hit and make the throw….but i called you stupid because it is stupid to Jugde before he even takes a NFL snap….you try to make the point that NFL scouts agree with you but it goes both ways its not just onesided

    • Phillip

      No pocket presense huh?? Wow, if youre gonna hate, at least know what you’re hating on. And as for the pro day, what QBs pro day isn’t scripted?? Also, the coaches are given the opportunity to ask the QB to make throws they wanna see, its not the QB doing only whatvhecwants, also there wasn’t a throw Manziel didn’t make or attempt, he covered everything n.than asked if they needed to see more. And pro days are for teams to see what tools the guy has, see his arm strength, accuracy, the footwork, his throwing motion, they are there to see if he has all the tools to be a passer in the NFL and Manziel showed he has all the tools n his tape shows he has major playmaking ability, is mobile, can escape pressure and has shown he can make throws from the pocket. Next time you comment, at least have knowledge of what youre saying hater

      • Dr Muon Funk

        Pocket presence is not running out of the pocket and throwing a bomb. It’s staying in the pocket and making the throws. And btw most of the NFL coaches made the same comments about the scripted drills. So don’t be a troll. TROLL.

  • Glenn

    Total nonsense. I would be the farm that the Raidets don’t go DB at #5! Crazy talk!

  • Tim Ernst

    This might be the single worst and most random mock I’ve seen .

    • Julien Bélair


      • Darrel Lovelace

        I agree. No way does bridewater fall out the first round while three qbs are selected agead of him. No way is two cbs going in the top ten. And no way does watkins slip out of the top ten. Is this mock an early april fools joke or something?

  • http://sbpra.com/paulvsuffriti Paul V. Suffriti

    There are two standout top TEs that could be play-makers on any offense, Eric Ebron and Jace Amaro. I doubt that they are still available going into the second round. The Pats would gladly take one of them if they are still on the board when they pick….my guess is that Ebron will be gone and Amaro will be their pick.

  • Jeff

    Why would the Saints waste a 1st round pick on a safety when they used a 1st round last year on Vaccaro and just spend $9 mil per on Bryd?

    • David

      Because whoever is running this mock is a total moron. Why would Dallas draft a DT and move him to DE. Especially at 318 pounds….

      • Marcel West-Bailey

        Well Jerry Jones is running that organization. It’s not entirely impossible lol

        • David

          True although he let Marinelli nix the Floyd pick last year. So hopeuflly he listens to him this year as well..

  • David

    These guys are on crack if they are drafting Hageman to play DE. WTF..

  • Letterman007

    This is just plain stupid !! Your picks just make me lol !!!

  • roger paul

    yeah…Watkins falling to 13?….i hope…but that’s it

  • Julien Bélair

    the guys just want some comments on his mock

  • Gary Stewart

    heres the good news from a rams fan perspective robinson at #2 and watkins at #13. that however is the good news the reality is watkins has about as much chance of falling to #13 as he has to be president at age 21 which can’t happen either. i did get to laugh reading the quotes did anyone, even one feel this was a mock of any credibility??? i sure didn’t!!

  • Dr. Johnny Nacho

    I don’t agree Clowney will fall that far but he would look absolutely sick in the silver and black.

  • Diegoblue

    Lol.. Dude you must have been smokin before you put this out there

  • Herman Moore

    Watkins will never fall to 13, not with the Lions picking at 10, although I wouldn’t be disappointed if they took Clinton-Dix. In fact, most of the predictions in this mock will never come to pass.

  • Cassius Bell

    I guess Bridgewater just fell out of the 1st rd. completely, lol. Not a realistic mock draft

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      Oh you didn’t know? Dennard is getting drafted before Clowney and Mike Evans is going 18th. Totally realistic.

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    as these teams start to stack

  • Joe

    Sammy Watkins makes it to number 13? Are you kidding me

  • kyle

    Why is Eric Ebron not drafted in first round. If he falls to 23 I think KC picks him up.

  • conserve1

    wow I think my wife who does not even watch football could do a better mock draft!

  • David Dedo

    1. Manziel measured 5’11 3/4″ at the combine; easy to find that info.

    2. Steelers take a FS #1 after signing FA? I don’t think so!

  • powderBLUE801

    Did I read this right? Do you really have teddy bridgewater falling out of the first round?? Ummmm wow. Don’t waist your time on trying to make your page look cool with all the pictures and just concentrate on what really matters.

  • davacho

    i know i’m just being oversensitive, but what team “ran up the score” on the chargers last season?

    in terms of our passing defense, we forced teams to pass more because we were in the lead. high scoring offenses typically have statistically low ranked pass defenses.

    i like fuller though. hopefully he will fill out his frame a bit in an nfl-type locker room.

    and on a personal note, please have an editor review your work before publishing- typos, grammar and just plain wrong use of words make it a distracting article to read.

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      Lol yeah this mock needs a little help. I think he’s new and getting the hang of it. In time it’ll be better. Or at least let’s hope so.

  • [email protected]

    No way Steelers take a FS now that they have acquired one in FA. This pick will be CB or Receiver of some kind (tight or wide), NOT a safety. I’m surprised at how many mocks I see STILL have us taking a safety, but it hasn’t made sense for us to draft a first round safety for several weeks now.

  • gdubb

    The worst mock Draft every

  • Ted Thompson

    Ted Thompson drafting a Center in the 1st round? Clearly sir, you have NO CLUE about Ted’s drafting Philosophy or value he puts on Centers. EDS was an UDFA, Wells was a 7th rnder, Unbelievable, this is the funniest pick I’ve ever seen. Come draft day, you will be very embarrassed!

    • Lukeskywalker88

      IKR!? Mosley, Ebron, and Nix III are available and he takes a C? Bitch, please.

  • Joe

    Yeah the Bears take another DE at #14 when we just signed 4 including Houston and Allen who will be starters. Makes a lot of sense. They will take a DT, S, or CB.

    • Sean Murphy

      Right … a fifth DE when Pryor is on the board. This guy is a moron!

  • Nick Mansoor

    All the receivers fell to the end of the 1st. That’s a bold prediction.

  • Nick Mansoor

    The Raiders would do something stupid like pick up Dennard at 5th overall lmaaaaaoooooooooo

  • joseph t

    absolute disgusing draft for everyone

  • Jared Myers

    Forget Dennard, the Raiders passing on Clowney for ANYONE else in the Draft ain’t happening. Reggie ain’t that stupid.

  • Eddie Currie

    So you’re suggesting that the Saints are going to draft a safety in the first round to backup Vaccaro and Byrd, correct? Even in suggesting that Ward would be the best talent available, which he wouldn’t be, you’re saying that the Saints have no greater need on defense or offense that they can therefore use their first round pick to draft a backup for probably one of the most secure positions on their team?

  • Joe Gulaskey

    Steelers no longer need a safety, Watkins won’t fall out of the top ten, so many more things just makes this a mock draft with awful analysis….

  • Brian Adkin

    I couldn`t agree more. Ted Thompson would never use a first round pick on a center!