2014 NFL Mock Draft: The Ultimate 32

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Nov 2, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) looks for an open receiver during the first quarter against the UTEP Miners at Kyle Field. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Hey NFL SpinZoners,what’s happenin’? What a wild off-season we’ve had in the NFL! DeMarcus Ware going to Denver? Eric Decker going to New York? Darren Sproles going to Philadelphia? Every team is hitting the free agent market hard and signing whatever player they can find. But, as these teams start to stack up their rosters with their available talent, they are going to have to get ready for one of the biggest player acquisition days of the year: the 2014 NFL Draft. Throughout this off-season I personally have been watching each team and picking players that would best fit their team needs with respect to their draft order. However, as the free agency has plugged some holes in team’s needs, there is still more adjustments to be made for this year’s NFL Draft. Since the playoffs started I wrote article after article detailing some potential NFL draft choices by various teams. My first were the top 8 picks of the draft, then the Bills and Lions, then another 8 picks, then Dolphins, Cardinals and Packers, then another 8 picks, and finally the Patriots and 49ers to top it all off. You can all click on those links if you so desire. On there they have all of my individual picks analysis and film analysis, too.

With this mock draft, I will attempt to take all of my infinite football knowledge and put it into one huge, awesome and ultimate mock draft. All of my 32 individual team analyses have lead up to this point so I hope you’re not disappointed with this mock draft. I understand some of you will most likely disagree with some of my picks (that is what the comment section is for), so don’t be shy to share your opinion. We all have our respective opinions and I’d love to hear yours!

Thus, without further ado, I give you the ultimate 32: NFL Mock Draft 2014 edition.

(Warning: If you are not physically adjusted to awesome analysis and picks, this may or may not be the right article for you. If you feel elation, knowledge or sudden change of mind contact your local draft specialist immediately).


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