Feb 2, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) celebrates a fourth quarter touchdown in Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

NFL.com Should Just End ‘Greatest QB of All Time’ Bracket

NFL.com is running some bracketology with the best quarterbacks in the league OF ALL TIME and they are down to their sweet 16. They just need to put the brackets to an end though. The brackets are getting ridiculous. They are allowing all of the fans to vote, but that is why things are getting all ugly for the brackets.

First off, Russell Wilson beat out Peyton Manning in the brackets. Russell Wilson has been great in his first TWO seasons in the league, but he has only been in the league for TWO seasons and he is comparing this to Peyton Manning. How can that even compare? How is that even allowed to happen?

On a separate bracket, Brett Favre went up against Rich Gannon and guess who came out on top of that one? Rich Gannon! I understand that this is all fun and games and this is the offseason, but some of that voting shenanigans just needs to stop.

Just call it quits before Gannon or Wilson are named the best quarterback of all time!

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  • anon76returns

    I’m pulling pretty hard for Gannon, actually. The brackets would clearly discredit themselves if he won, and we’d never hear a serious reference to them again.

  • Travis Crouch

    Does Brett Favre have have the record for most ints thrown by a qb

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Before I even read it and saw that Peyton was not listed yesterday and saw who was there, saw how ridiculous it is so we agree with it. And then seeing Gannon, admitting a pretty good QB for about 3 years at the apex versus Brett’s sumpreme career is also in that ridiculous category! It us time to end it NFL.com!!! Past time in fact!

  • Mike Barr

    Total joke. Bledsoe is in the 3rd round. Manning out in the first. Before the Superbowl, Manning was talked about as the best ever if he won the game. Now 2 year pro Russell Wilson is the better qb? And Bledsoe was better than Aikman and Steve Young? Come on…

    • B_R

      I agree. Thank the trolling Patriot fans for ruining this ‘for fun’ bracket. The rivalry this generation has always been Brady vs Manning, so of course any Pat fan hates Peyton, knocking him out first round. ‘Bloodsore’ shouldn’t even be there (hell, I think Romo is more consistent than him); but alas, he was their quarterback before Brady. I am willing to bet that the final round of this ‘showdown’ will be Brady vs Bledsoe. :(