Mar 26, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher speaks during a press conference at the NFL Annual Meetings. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams have not discussed trading No. 2 pick

Jeff Fisher told the media at the NFL Owners Meeting that the Rams have yet to discuss trading the number 2 overall pick in this years draft. According to, Fisher told the media that “We have not had any discussions about it, but that does’t mean that we won’t.”. He also stated that it is ‘highly unlikely’ that the Rams will get the same lucrative offer for this pick, like the one they received from the Redskins in the 2012 draft. A trade that set them up with this pick.

If the Rams were to keep the pick, they have many needs that need to be filled in the draft after they remained on the sidelines, for the most part, during free agency. Some of those needs include: an offensive lineman, a wide receiver and a safety. This years draft is deep at the offensive line and at wide receiver, but are a little slim on the safety spot, but that can be solved for the Rams at their other first round pick at 13. If they were to keep the pick, players like Auburn OT Greg Robinson or Clemson WR Sammy Watkins could be options for the Rams at 2.

Fisher hinted that the Rams would potentially pass on Watkins if he was on the board when they are on the clock. The Rams coach told the media: “I think with what we have on the roster right now, we can provide Sam (Bradford) with the talent to where we can win a lot of games,”.

This could all be a smoke screen, but it seems that if the team were to keep the pick, and not trade it, they would look to improve the offensive line or even go with South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney. This name may come as a surprise, but Fisher boasted about the college stud at the meetings.

For now, things seem to be a little hush hush around the intentions the Rams have for May’s Draft, but for right now, it seems that they will stay put at 2 and 13.

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  • UhhDuhh

    Hey Ben, from the looks of your writing, I believe you will do well in college. Keep it up young man as your grammar excels beyond many of the current online sports reporters. I think everything Fisher and Snead say from now until the draft are all smokescreens. Fisher has drafted more DB’s in the first round than any other position and next he has taken WR’s. He has taken 3 DE’s since his days at Houston/Tennessee but he already has Quinn and Long and really do not need to waste a #2 on a rotational player. With that said, I believe he goes Watkins and Clinton Dix/Pryor round 1.

  • Joe Smith

    Ben, you are already better than the vast majority of circus clowns calling themselves “writers” on the major online sports sites (this is a professional writer’s opinion, btw). Best to you; I’d fire them and hire you in a heartbeat right out of school if I could for such places.

  • Joe Smith

    (PS: that said, do you have one failing in common with them: you need to improve your proof-reading skills a bit. Relying on spellcheckers/grammar checkers won’t cut it.) :)

    • Ben Carter

      Thanks to both of you for the praise! I hope to improve a little more everyday and comments like this are always nice to see! Thanks for the constructive criticism and I hope you see an improvement as I continue to write.