Redskins Grounds Crew "Accidentally" Hits Cowboys Fan's Car

The Redskins fans are having a nice little time with the addition of DeSean Jackson onto their roster. They are celebrating and looking forward to the season. A few of the Redskins groundskeepers were kicking back at the local Fuddruckers when their truck slipped out of park and hit a random car. Just a random car. The car must have had a little love for the Redskins too, since it seemed to hit the car in the parking lot with the license plate “CWBYFN” and a Dallas Cowboys sticker on the back of it.

Are we sure that the truck slipped out of park and rolled down the parking lot on accident?

OOPS. Just an accident. Didn’t mean for that to happen. Just one huge coincidence that the car slipped out of park and rolled into a Cowboys fans ride. Just one whole big coincidence!


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