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The Houston Texans have a quarterback problem, namely the lack of one. With the top pick in this year’s NFL Draft, has Houston found its man? Dan Salem and Todd Salem debate in part one of this week’s TD Sports Debate. Two brothers from New York yell, scream and debate the NFL and sports.



The Houston Texans need a quarterback. Matt Schaub is gone, now the possible starter with the Oakland Raiders. In his stead will likely be whichever quarterback the Texans select with the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The problem is, there are three quarterbacks who are legitimate options at number one. None of the trio has separated himself from the rest either positively or negatively. Each brings much different skill sets and varying opinions from outsiders and scouts. It is a classic conundrum.

Back in January, at the turn of the calendar year, I guessed that Houston would select Central Florida’s Blake Bortles with the first pick. (Todd’s 2014 NFL Mock Draft) At the time, it was a bit of a reach, but I assumed that the draft process would bump his stock up because of his build, bulk and athleticism. He’s a perfect combine specimen.

That seems to have occurred somewhat. Bortles is a strong possibility for the top selection come draft day. However, so is Johnny Manziel. Feelings are all over the map on Manziel. Some people love him and others consider him a third-round talent.

Then there’s Teddy Bridgewater out of Louisville. Bridgewater was the consensus top quarterback heading into the college season and played very well. However, his game began to be downgraded for odd reasons. He is on the small side, as is Manziel. However, Bridgewater also didn’t test out very well at the combine nor at his pro day.

To me, Bridgewater is still the guy. Although I said Houston would take Bortles in my mock draft, I think they SHOULD take Bridgewater. He may not have the strongest arm or the quickest feet, but he is the best quarterback.

He has the instincts in the pocket and under pressure, something that isn’t even addressed at all these combine and pro day tests. He has an accurate arm and has proven himself capable of leading a team to success. I think his production and presence on the field during college was more valuable information that anything we’ve learned in the last month. If I was Houston, I would use the first pick on Ted Football.

What about you?



I’m sorry, but who said Houston has to draft a quarterback? If this team is truly rebuilding and all three quarterback prospects have holes, then why pick one? Case Keenum sits atop the Texans’ depth chart at QB and although he’s yet to win an NFL game, his numbers weren’t half bad last season. He threw for over 1700 yards passing with a 54% completion percentage and nine touchdowns to six interceptions. Nothing thrilling, but nothing that screams red flag. I’m not sold on any of the top three quarterbacks entering the draft and would give Keenum a chance to excel in an obvious rebuilding year for Houston. They also have T.J. Yates who’s posted a career 60% completion percentage over 1100 yards. Take the best player with the top pick.

That being said, I’m not running the Texans and do believe they will fall to the pressure to select a quarterback at number one overall. Bridgewater scares me, most notably because of how eerily your description of him reminds me of the fall of Geno Smith into the second round last year. I really like Geno, but he was not a number one overall pick. He was a steal in the second round which gives him some room to grow into the position. Taking Bridegwater at number one feels like a Hail Mary to your fourth string receiver. He’s good and can have a successful NFL career, but in Houston as the top pick he’ll probably get destroyed.

The only quarterback pick that makes sense to me for the Texans is Johnny Manziel. He’s already a fan favorite in Texas, which helps give him time to succeed. No matter who starts for Houston next season, it is going to be a rocky road filled with losses and interceptions. The team is in a tough division and has a lot to improve on. With Manziel, the fans will forgive his mistakes and still love him for his magical feet.

Like I said, the Texans’ quarterback is going to have a rough go of things. Putting a scrambler, a runner, an improviser and dynamic playmaker under center opens a door otherwise closed to a traditional pocket passer. Manziel can extend plays and avoid the onslaught of a pass rush that will be relentless in Houston. That offense is not scaring anybody right now, but with Johnny you add a weapon. I’m not sure how long he stays healthy playing that game, but if he can find a balance he makes Houston better. Ultimately that’s what you want from your quarterback.

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