Wes Welker Signs Cancer Patient's Head

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Denver Broncos WR Wes Welker was in attendance for a celebrity chef fundraiser at a hospital. I love that the athletes spend time to give back to the communities that they work in. During the fundraiser, Welker met an 11-year-old girl name Delaney Clements that had lost her hair during chemo as she is fighting Stage 4 neuroblastoma.

Welker and the two chatted it up and she asked for him to sign his head and Welker made it happen.

This is something that Delaney will remember forever and it is special for her. Welker might remember it for a while as well, but these little things mean some big things for people. I am happy that the athletes spend the time to make these things happen. I know they don’t need to do it and sometimes they don’t even want to do it, but they are out there making things happen.

Good job Wes!


H/T Sporting News 

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