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Jacksonville Jaguars could trade third overall pick

The St. Louis Rams are the most willing to trade their first-round pick, and the second overall pick could be an excellent target for a team like the Atlanta Falcons looking to add Jadeveon Clowney, who is the top prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft due to his ridiculous tools. It doesn’t look like it’s worth it to trade up for a quarterback, but that’s also possible. There seem to be more sellers than buyers of top draft picks this year, because the draft is deep and the top quarterbacks are getting picked apart this spring for a variety of reasons; even Teddy Bridgewater is starting to slide down some boards. The Houston Texans could be willing to part ways with the first overall pick if the right package emerges, but it would be difficult to envision somebody parting with enough picks to get it done, especially since the teams picking second and third overall have interest in dealing down.

An NFL executive told the Bleacher Report’s Dan Pompei that the Jacksonville Jaguars could trade down from the third overall pick “depending on developments”, and I read that as, “If the two guys the Jaguars want aren’t on the board, then they will have no problem trading with a team gunning for ‘their guy’ at No. 3.”

While I doubt the Jaguars will be able to find a trade partner at the right price, this draft is so crazy that it’s definitely possible. David Caldwell strikes us all as a GM who is willing to keep all options open and won’t force himself to overdraft, so a trade might be their best option. I could see them dealing down and taking a quarterback like Derek Carr later on in the first round, and I wonder if their top targets are Clowney and Bridgewater.

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  • Bobby Postma

    I think the best team that will wanna trade would be the Lions wanting to trade for Sammy Watkins if he is available. But then again you never know. …. Look at what the Cowboys did a couple years ago, trading way up to grab Claiborne (hope I spelled his name right). Worst things have happened. Be nice to trade back a Lil bit then trade back into the first round to grab someone nice

    • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

      Since the Lions spent quite a bit of money to sign Golden Tate as a star WR2 for Stafford and Megatron, I couldn’t see the Lions trading up for Watkins and spending a high amount of picks to do it. I mean, Odell Beckham Jr. or Mike Evan should still be available for them with the tenth pick, and both are also excellent options.

      • Walter Parker

        I agree, it would be hard to support trading up for a WR when there are so many potentially great ones in this draft. I for one would love to see the Jags trade down and then take Evans.

        • http://www.musketfire.com/ Joe Soriano

          The idea of trading down for the right price always entices me, because the draft is such a crapshoot despite all the evals that go on. Why not give yourself as many chances as possible to take a high quality player, especially if you are a rebuilding team? I honestly would love to see the Jaguars stick around and take Bridgewater, Mack, or Clowney, but it might be better for them to take a combo of Evans and (insert another impact prospect here) if they don’t want to go for a QB in the first and do decide to trade down.