2014 NFL Mock Draft: Mulvihill Version 2.0

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Sep 7, 2013; Athens, GA, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (7) rushes the passer against the Georgia Bulldogs during the second half at Sanford Stadium. Georgia defeated South Carolina 41-30. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We’re less than a month away from the 2014 NFL Draft. With the combine, the free agency boom, and several pro days to look back on, here’s how next month’s draft could shake out.

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Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • joe

    Chip Kelly believes in Bennie Logan. Doubt they get nix.

  • BlueBoltFan

    Not a bad draft. I like Kyle Fuller more for the Chargers at #25, but Jernigan isn’t a bad pick either.

  • gdubb

    This mock Draft is makes more sense then the others I’ve seen

  • Jarod Cook

    You most hate the Brown’s, cause your picks are atrocious. Black Bortles at #4, Why? A top 5 pick is a player who can step in and provide an immediate impact to a team. Not a QB who fits the mold but needs a lot of coaching to become a great player. Hint, It never works out. Then at #26 you have them taking possible the most overrated WR in the 1st round. Cooks stats where inflated by the gimmick offense that Oregon State runs. He gets shut down by physical CB’s, which he’ll see on a consistent basis in the NFL. And not to mention he shy’s away from contact, he’s more willing to fall to the ground or run out of bounds even if there’s still yards that can be made. If the Brown’s make these picks come draft day they deserve to be picking in the top 5 next year as well.

    • Ross

      Blake Bortles is the only QB in the draft who has the ability to be a franchise type player. It’s the Browns own fault if they can’t develop someone with his talent. The Browns haven’t had a viable quarterback in like 40 years. Why wouldn’t they pick the best qb in this draft if he’s available at 4?

      • Jarod Cook

        Hate to burst your bubble but he has as much a chance at being a franchise QB as the other 20 or so QB’s who are expected to be drafted this year. If history has proven anything just cause a guy was taking as the first or second QB off the board, doesn’t mean he’s the next great QB. Especial in recent history with teams finding successful QB’s in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
        The Browns are a team in need of players who can provide an immediate impact on the field this year. And using the #4 pick on a QB who they plan on sitting for year or two is just a waste. Considering he has as much Boom/Bust potential as any other QB this year.

        • Phillip

          I think you sound a little lost and a little too dazzled by the top positional guys in the draft when your team could really use a QB. Blake Bortles makes as much sense at #4 as anybody. Sorry to burst your bubble buddy but that’s just 2 people who agree with the writer that Bortles is a viable option at #4. Like Ross just asked, when’s the last time the Browns have had a viable QB??? Vinny Testeverde or Bernie Kosar??? And the sad part is that’s not even a joke, that for real. If you think there are 20 other QB’s in this draft that have the potential of Bortles, you truly are lost dude. I guess that must have been the Browns thoughts for the last 30 or so year huh??? And Brandin Cooks overrated??? Do you even know anything about football??? If i was a Browns fan with the potential on D, the solid OL there, adding Tate and having Gordon and Cameron already, adding Bortles at 4 and Cooks at 26 would make me a really happy guy.

          • Jarod Cook

            A QB drafted at #4 shouldn’t need a year or two of development, he should be able to step in and take the reins day 1. If he can’t then he should have stayed in collage another year. And everything I read about any of the top QB’s in this draft is they all need time to develop. That’s what you say about 3rd and 4th round prospects not players taking in the top 5. They’ve tried several times to get a QB since coming back into the league, what’s going to make this time different? Very rarely do players like Luck and RG3 come threw the draft, who you know are going to be elite players. The rest of the time it’s shifting threw trash like this years lot to find treasure.
            And yes Cooks is overrated I’ve watched several of his games. And my personal annalist of skills are correct. His numbers are skewed by the gimmick offense, and the fact he played most of his games against PAC-12 teams(Where defense is an after though). Not to mention he seems to be afraid of contact, and tries to avoid it at all cost. You also have to take into account the offense Shanahan runs is based on the abilities of outside WR’s, so why would they take a guy who’s primarily a slot threat? When they went and signed Hawkins in FA, and have Travis Benjamin coming back from injury who can fill that roll. Grabbing a big physical outside WR like Robinson, Benjamin, or Matthews makes more sense scheme wise.
            As for the state of affairs of the team. They do have a lot of young talent and are a few pieces away from digging them selves out of the basement. But taking a project QB at #4 and a scheme WR at #26, is just going to keep them there longer.

  • Viking Fan

    Although I really like the pick of Teddy Bridgewater to the Vikings that is only if Kahlil Mack is off the board which he isn’t.

  • Armand

    What are you media CLOWNS not getting?

    AT WHAT point in Giants history have they shown a willingness to draft a guy with Issues such as Lewen? AT WHAT POINT?

    ESPECIALLY with a monster weapon for Eli like Ebron available?



  • Phillip

    Happy to see another mock with Green Bay getting Mosley. It’s obviously the consensus with guys who make mock drafts. It’s something we really need on D, and if he was to go before 21, hopefully nobody steals Ryan Shazier before then, i think in the long run he might even have more upside than Mosley, he don’t have the injury history and he’s easily 1 of the most physically gifted players in this draft, dude could probably make a conversion to Safety as athletic and fast as he is, and he would probably make a beast Safety, 4.38 speed, 6’1 238 lbs, just hypothetical, i’d be happy Green Bay drafting him at 21 to play inside for us.

  • First and Skol

    There is zero chance that if Mack is there at #8 that Minnesota takes Bridgewater over him! I understand the need for a QB but that’s one of the weakest LB units there is