Dec 13, 2013; Charleston, IL, USA; Eastern Illinois Panthers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) throws the ball during the fourth quarter against the Towson Tigers at O

New York Jets Brought in Jimmy Garoppolo, Logan Thomas and Tom Savage For Workouts

The New York Jets brought in Mike Vick this offseason and drafted Geno Smith last offseason, but the quarterback search may not be complete. The team brought in QBs Tom Savage, Jimmy Garoppolo and Logan Thomas in for pre-draft visits this offseason, per Manish Mehta.

Could the team consider taking another quarterback in the coming draft? Does that mean that they do not trust in Geno Smith as the future at the position?

The team could consider one of these quarterbacks later in the draft and they could compete with Smith in the future. The team is not going to look at any of the top notch quarterbacks in the early rounds, but could take a flier on some of they players late.

Is Geno Smith the future for this offense? Based on what the team has done, it doesn’t seem that he is. He already could be losing his starting job with Vick in town.

Should the team consider bringing in either of these young quarterbacks onto the roster?


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  • Paul Newbold

    I don’t believe his job is in jeopardy with the addition of Vick at all. He’s here to push Smith, not take his job. Vick is 33, he hasn’t been healthy for a full season in years and is only here short term. The Jets want Geno to start, Vick as the back up is a much better scenario for the Jets. With a talented draft class at QB, every team is exploring the possibilities. In the long term the Jets will need a good back up, they may find an immediate upgrade over Simms, and then there is always the possibility of finding that one diamond that develops into a star. With 12 picks and a talented draft class, I can see them drafting one to gamble on. I don’t think it means they are unsure of Smith going ahead, if they were, day 2 could provide them with a viable replacement. I just think it means they are doing their homework. Every team gets 30 visits…..the Jets are only drafting 12 max. This time of year the news gets slow, so we get these type of stories.