Marcus Roberson (5) against the Vanderbilt Commodores. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Roberson signs with St. Louis Rams

Florida Gators cornerback Marcus Roberson was one of the top prospects available going into the third day of the 2014 NFL Draft, and it’s borderline ridiculous to think that he went undrafted. Even though he was initially rated too highly, Roberson was still once regarded as a clear first-round pick at one point in the pre-draft process. The tools-y corner should have went on the second day of the draft, and not even injuries or a suspension should have caused his draft stock to plummet that far.

Well, a team has finally scooped up Roberson in undrafted free agency, as NESN’s Doug Kyed reports that the St. Louis Rams have signed Roberson.

It’s an excellent move for a team that needs cornerback help, and the Rams are getting a guy with more than enough physical tools to start. He isn’t close to being a finished product, but he’s less raw than a number of CBs who got drafted. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a legitimate justification for him slipping into undrafted free agency, and I’ll take his college tape and production over any of those red flags. He has plenty of upside in St. Louis, and I think this is a very good fit for both sides. If Roberson fails out, then who really cares? The Rams only signed him in undrafted free agency anyway.

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  • Gary Stewart

    exactly where is the risk!! as an UDFA its a win win for the rams he may or may not make the team but he played well in the SEC against the nfl version of a AAA baseball team to use an analogy. his skills warranted selection and the rams are lucky to have him in camp and he is lucky to be on a young but solid team, hopefully he takes advantage of his chance and can help the rams win!!

    • Joe Soriano

      I know that there’s no risk on a UDFA haha, and hopefully I acknowledged that at the end of the piece (I feel like I did).

      • Gary Stewart

        sorry joe a simple comma after exactly was forgotten my intent was exactly, in agreement with what you said. not in dissent the rams secondary now has a chance to be more than a bit special with the interior line pressure aaron donald should create combined with the addition of joyner along with who ever makes it through the camp dogfight the opponents qbs will face less time to make up their mind what to do, and with joyner roaming at free safety the corners will be able to take more chances and go for the takeaways instead of sitting back and allowing opponents to kill us with the death by a 1000 cuts routine!! this defense is going to be difficult to go 80 yards in 16 plays against GO RAMS!!

        • Joe Soriano

          No worries haha, just glad we are on the same page. The Rams defensive line is obviously on a ridiculous level at this point, and the secondary got a whole lot deeper, too, after the additions of Roberson, E.J. Gaines, and Lamarcus Joyner. Hopefully Joyner can make a splash as a safety.

          • Gary Stewart

            i couldn’t agree with you more i saw a draft evaluation that said joyner was not the best avail at the time to which i rep;ied the gregg williams system mandates a hybrid type safety and it is my belief we will see joyner all over the field this fall he also felt that mason was a bit of a luxury pick which i think is nuts mason and stacy will share carries IMO zac will get more but this will lighten the load on zac and his rationale that cunningham was a great #2 i felt was based on ypc which was achieved mainly in the bears game for the most part and the bears had by far the worst run defense in the league and when stacy missed the last series against seattle the rams chose to go with d-rich over cunningham that speaks volumes to how much they truly believe cunningham is the GUY!!