Nov 17, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) attempts a pass during the third quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Reliant Stadium. The Raiders defeated the Texans 28-23. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Dennis Allen 'firmly committed' to Matt Schaub

The Oakland Raiders were clearly big winners in this year’s draft, with the first two selections of Khalil Mack and Derek Carr being headliners. Carr has all the tools to be a top-notch starter in the pros, as he overcame a terrible offensive line and some pretty poor coaching in order to put up some huge numbers at Fresno State. Possessing as many intangibles as any quarterback in this year’s class, Carr put the Bulldogs on his back with Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams as his main sidekick. Carr has the best arm strength in the class, good accuracy, plenty of athletic ability and speed, and he knows how to make good decisions by curtailing the number of interceptions he throws. His footwork is terrible, though, and his lack of hip movement means that his throws all come from his arm. That’s impressive in itself given his arm strength, but it leads him to have high release points, causes the ball to sail on him at times, and he also doesn’t have a strong enough base when pressured (though he does a good job of limited his turnovers when under pressure and faced quick pressure in college).

His lack of polish can be found when watching his technique, and it’s clear that while Carr is a great quarterback prospect, it’s best for him to learn from the bench. The Raiders have the perfect opportunity to do this with Matt Schaub in the fold after he was acquired from the Houston Texans, and hopefully he can bounce back after an abysmal, anomaly of a season last year.

According to ESPN’s Jim Trotter, only something “catastrophic” will allow Carr to start this upcoming season, as Raiders head coach Dennis Allen is “firmly committed” to starting Schaub after trading for the veteran passer. This news should surprise absolutely nobody, and it confirms that the only two things that will allow Carr to start as a rookie are another implosion by Schaub or an injury to the former Texans starter.

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  • J Haskins

    Considering the Raiders drafted Carr, who is arguably the most pro ready QB is this draft. Considering Carr has been preparing for the NFL since the 9th grade, and the fact that he can already read NFL defenses and knows protections, it doesn’t make sense that DA is so committed to pick 6 Schaub. It would have made more sense if the Raiders had passed on Carr and drafted more of a project like Tajh Boyd, who they were rumored to have some interest.

    I gotta give up to the Raiders for executing one the best drafts in recent memory. But when it comes to selecting and developing QBs, they don’t know their heads from their aholes.

    • trinity

      I think bridgewater is more pro ready, while Derek is the best arm talent. Having said that, I agree that schaub may be finished. He was horrific last season, and I don’t think he can get it back.

    • Joe Soriano

      First of all, Bridgewater is more polished than Carr. Secondly, why would you have wanted to draft a more raw quarterback who is worse after admitting that Schaub is a risk due to the interceptions he threw last year? Wouldn’t you want a better QB in Carr than Boyd?

      If you are stating that you are a fan of Carr and believe he should start over Schaub, then you make some fair points. I personally think they should try to develop Carr behind Schuab this season, but they will be ready to start him at a moment’s notice if Schaub plays like he did last year.

      • J Haskins

        Yea but who was talking about Bridgewater. If you look at my post I used the word ARGUABLY in reference to Carr being the most pro ready. Now, if Bridgewater was part of this discussion I would have included him also because yes, he is also pro ready. Plus, Bridgewater was my first choice. Has been since last year. I didn’t jump ship after his bad pro day. When I saw him sitting there at the top of the 2nd round I was salivating.

        But anyway, since we are talking about Carr, for all the reasons I mentioned in my previous post, he doesn’t need to be on the sidelines for 1-2 years. Seriously. Do a little research if you have to. But that’s my point. If DA is hell bent on riding pick 6 Schaub, why pick a QB that’s ready to play now? If that’s the case there were several QBs available that NEED 2 years to develop

  • trinity

    The way schaub played last season should qualify as “catastrophic” to the raiders. The guy was never a winner to begin with, and then he imploded last season. And it’s not like he’s young either. My guess is Carr gets thrown in the fire before midseason.

    • Joe Soriano

      I have more faith in Schaub bouncing back, but Carr coming in is a distinct possibility. I mean, how much can you truly trust Schaub after what happened last year?

      • trinity

        Exactly Joe. I never trusted schaub in his whole career, but especially not now

        • J Haskins


  • arnie

    Being “firmly committed” isn’t going to cut it. You need to be all in on Schaub, or not. Carr will have the best chances for the raiders if he sits, regardless of what Schaub does. The raiders are simply not ready to throw Carr in, the kid would be Ina meat grinder and the raiders would be right back where they were in three years.
    Gwith Schaub