May 9, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns first round draft pick Justin Gilbert (Oklahoma State) speaks during a press conference at the Cleveland Browns Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns CB Justin Gilbert will be back on practice field on Friday

Cleveland Browns fans got a little scare today when their top selection in the draft, Justin Gilbert (not Johnny Manziel), left practice early with a little hitch in his giddy-up. It sounds like all things are good though and he plans to get back on the field again on Friday.

Gilbert is expected to do some big things for the team. He doesn’t get the recognition as Johnny Manziel does on the roster and he should benefit from that. All the attention from the media will be on Manziel, while Gilbert will get to fly under the radar for a little bit. If he was the top selection on the team and they were unable to land Johnny, then Gilbert could be facing more scrutiny for every move that he makes on the field. At this point, he is a ghost and everyone has their eyes on Manziel and his partying tendencies. Manziel and the show that he brings with him everywhere he goes. It is going to be nice for Gilbert.

Gilbert still will have to perform. In the end, that will be what it is all about. If he starts to stumble badly, some eyes might be looking in his direction.

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  • brian

    So this post about Gilbert’s injury is really about Johnny C’s celebrity. Got it. This is a huge story. So Gilbert suffered that nagging hitch in his giddy up? How severe is the hitch, and when do you anticipate his giddy up to be 100%?
    Or were you looking for concerned comments about the character of a 22yr old enjoying his off time?
    Very crafty.

    • John Duquette

      Brian, Excellent comment,I hope these writers get the picture sooner than later but somehow I doubt it.
      Ernie we want to know the nature of the injury and even though Justin he’ll be right back as you know players and management often underestimate injuries and feed the fans bull crap.
      Let’s focus on the Browns players not just 1 guy who ain’t done nuthin’ yet.