Dec 8, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy (93) against the Buffalo Bills during the first half at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald McCoy: ‘We’re running way less stunts than we used to’

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense has two of the best players in the NFL in defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and third-year linebacker Lavonte David, with McCoy being the crowning jewel of the unit. McCoy had a phenomenal 2013 season, and it’s made all the more impressive when you look at the lack of quality at the other positions on the defensive line and the terrible coaching by Greg Schiano. The stunts Schiano ran did much more harm than good, and it’s a testament to McCoy’s incredible ability that he was able to dominate despite being constrained by poor coaching. Not only will he have Michael Johnson and Clinton McDonald to help him next season, but he also has a much better coach in Lovie Smith.

According to the Tampa Tribune’s Roy Cummings, McCoy stated  that the Buccaneers won’t be running the same number of stunts that they did under Schiano, “We’re running way less stunts than we used to. It’s not even close to what we were doing.’’

Although it’s not surprising at all to hear that Smith is much smarter than Schiano and won’t run stunts that hurt players like McCoy, it’s still great to hear confirmation that this is the case.

McCoy added, “We’re an up-field, penetrating defense now. We don’t sit on the line and wait on nobody. They have to adjust to how we play. And that’s the freedom we’re talking about.”

He certainly sounds excited to play under Smith, and that’s not a surprise either. He, McDonald, and Johnson are all talented players on the Buccaneers defensive line, and it will be exciting to watch those guys go to work next season. McCoy was downright nasty last season, and it’s scary to think just how good he’ll be under Smith this year and with better players around him.

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  • joe

    That defense is gonna piss off many quarterbacks.

  • ThreeOfive Logo Ellis

    Defense will win us 10 games this season

  • victorbarney

    We’re “LOVIE”NG OUR DEFENSE AGAIN TOO! I’m just saying…

  • inthemud

    What a crock of shit article. This whole “stunts ruined McCoy” mythology is bullshit. He had his best year ever under Schiano doing the stunts and yet people bash the stunts and the coaches for it. Did the Bucs run more stunts than anyone else? Did the stunts help or hurt McCoy? I want to see stats, not opinions but nobody has ever presented anything substantial. I have the numbers and they are the exact opposite of what everyone is always parroting. McCoy has been crowned King of the Bucs by the media and the fans are lapping it up. Yet he has only had one decent year out of four. What a joke. 9 sacks in 1000 defensive snaps is not that impressive. 80 qb pressures in a thousand defensive snaps is not that impressive. 35 tackles in 1000 defensive snaps is not that impressive. In the 4 years before McCoy came to the Bucs the defense averaged 14th in the league. Since he has been here they have averaged 22nd. Tell me again why he is so great?
    And this whole throwing the whole defense under the bus to prop up McCoy has got to stop. Blaming the rest of the defensive line is terribly wrong and misguided. Has anyone stopped to think that the Bucs have already rotated players and coaches almost every year for four years except for McCoy so maybe the problem is with McCoy?