Should The Washington Redskins Trade Robert Griffin?

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Fast forward to present day. The Washington Redskins have a new coaching staff and have added some more talent to their roster. Still, it seems as if Washington must win their division if they have any hopes of returning to the playoffs. The NFC is too good and too deep for Washington to compete for a Wild Card spot. While this might sound a little crazy, I propose this move to you: TRADE ROBERT GRIFFIN WHILE YOU CAN.

You’re probably thinking that that is ludicrous, but hear me out. There is no question that Griffin is an athletic freak. There aren’t too many quarterbacks in the NFL that can do what he can do. The only problem with Griffin is he often gets injured. He has suffered from multiple injuries, including two ACL injuries (one in college).

Despite the multiple knee injuries that he has faced, his trade value is still incredibly high. Washington could easily receive multiple first round draft picks for the services of Griffin. If you take a look at the St. Louis Rams after the trade with Washington, you could easily say that they received the better side of the deal. After making a few more trades with the picks received from Washington, St. Louis ended up filling out their roster with key starters such as Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Alec Ogletree, Zac Stacy and Greg Robinson (this year’s first pick).

If the Redskins can find a team to trade Griffin to for multiple first round draft picks, Washington could end up in the same situation as St. Louis; multiple first round picks, with endless possibilities to continue build their roster. As I said earlier, the NFC is extremely deep. All four teams in the NFC West could make the playoffs. The NFC North has Chicago, Green Bay and an up and coming Minnesota team. And of course, the NFC South, which features the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons. Out of those ten teams, only six of them can make the playoffs. The Redskins are not better than any of those teams.

Trading RGIII for multiple draft picks will give the team the opportunity to rebuild and restructure their current roster. With the added picks, they have a great opportunity to add more youth to their defense. For a better part of last season, the Washington Redskins defense was absent. The defense allowed twenty-seven or more points in nine out of their sixteen games. That’s not exactly what I would call a winning formula.

Washington also already has RGIII’s replacement on their roster, as they still have Cousins under contract. In the past, Washington has turned down trade offers for Cousins. Clearly, the team greatly values him. Also, new head coach Jay Gruden is a quarterback guru, so he can help Cousins further progress..

While trading Griffin for multiple picks could help strengthen their roster, Washington would be giving up on of the top young talents in the league. It is a risky move to get rid of him, but it is also extremely risky to keep him. Of course you don’t want to lose out on a player like Griffin, but at the same time he has suffered from a variety of injuries, including two ACL surgeries. If Washington gets a call on whether Griffin is available or not, picking up the phone isn’t the worst idea.

I don’t think this will happen, but it’s a pretty interesting discussion.

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  • Bill Stowers

    Its a a shame what has happened to him, talk about an electrifying player that may have been HoF caliber if stayed healthy. Hopefully he still can but i just dont see it. I see his career being similar to Vick (minus the dog fighting) alot of talent and success but because of shortened seasons due to injury never quite got it done. Lets hope he proves me wrong. But hey justen, i know where you came from. Go Phins

    • iam@jigg

      How do you see his career similar to Vicks? RGIII has only been in the league for 2 seasons and this will be his 3rd! 2012 everyone was on his jock strap…leads team to playoffs then gets injured. Comes back off injury not fully healthy and doesn’t have a good sophomore season. Remind you he does not get hurt… He played all 13 games without being injured! So how is he injury prone? Oh wait I get it bc he has been hurt w/the same injury in college. And the person who wrote the article is a clown also. How can the Rams have gotten the better end of the trade when they have yet to reach the playoffs nor with win their division. They may have added depth with acquiring more picks but have not done any better than the Redskins as of now!

      • Justen Rosenberg

        That’s pretty sad that you can only throw out your opinion by insulting someone. Real mature..
        Anyways, since the trade, the Rams have more wins. Sure, Washington made the playoffs, however, both teams still have zero playoff victories. Also, I think it is pretty obvious that the Rams have built themselves a much better future by adding all of this young talent.

        • iam@jigg

          I state facts not opinions! You said you Rams have the better roster for the future! That’s a opinion not a fact… How do you know what the future holds for that team? Just bc they have young players… All teams try to do the same thing. Any team looks good on paper you saw the Texans last season! The Rams has the better record since the trade by finishing 7-9 2 consecutive seasons! The Skins were 10-6 and 3-13 so the Rams has the better record by 1 game then you said both teams doesn’t have a playoff win… My man you have to get there first! Of course the neither team has a playoff win bc one got there and lost in the WildCard and the other NEVER reached the playoffs since the 2012 draft trade! We’re not talking about a playoff victory since back when… Bc the last time the Rams made the playoffs was 2004 and the Redskins 2007 and 2012 both first round loses but I thought we were talking about current playoff wins! Oh ok… You have to get there first my man and they haven’t so get your facts straight and when u don’t you insult yourself I don’t have to.

          • David Dorman

            Don’t forget the Rams seem to have an injury prone QB more so than the Skins!

          • seann

            skins wouldn’t have made it in the wild wild west

  • Rick Talley

    Bottom line is: RGIII can succeed as a POCKET passer. If they can get him to stop running so much; there is no way I’d trade him.

  • David Dorman

    2 things. They didn’t give up 3 first round picks. They traded up for a higher 1st round pick and gave up 2 future 1st round picks. His sophomore slump was because he wasn’t even healthy and came back too soon. He couldn’t even push off his plant leg to throw for the entire 1st half of the season.