Aug 19, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins cornerback E.J. Biggers (30) is shown with the NFL heads up logo on his helmet before the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at FedEX Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

U.S. Patent Office Cancels Trademark For Washington Redskins

The United States Patent and Trademark office has canceled six federal trademark registrations for the name of the Washington Redskins, per They have ruled that the name is “disparaging to Native Americans.”

This will be a huge step toward getting the Washington Redskins to change it’s team name. The team will likely appeal the ruling and during the appeal process, the team will be able to keep their current patent and trademark that they have. If the ruling stands, anyone would be able to use the name “Redskins” on merchandise and that would bite into the financial bucket for the team. Any Joe on the street could sell Redskins shirts and posters without worrying about the team or NFL going after them. This decision is huge and could mark the start of a name change in Washington.

The Redskins team name has been a topic of discussion for a while. It has been an ongoing battle. This is one move forward against the team name.


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  • B Christopher

    I just don’t get this. When I hear “Redskins” or “Indians” or “Tomahawks” I immediately think of a valiant, “BRAVE” (another one) fearless warrior living & roaming free in lots of open, beautiful American frontier. It conjures up good images in my mind. Not bad! Images of less complicated times. I wish someone would explain to me, the WHY, of how these words have become “BAD” or disparaging? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

    • B Christopher

      The Romans, Greeks, British, French, Japanese, Chinese all lost empires too. How come, we can have Trojans, or Spartans and not Chiefs, or Redskins? They’ve all been wiped out. Why do, whomever is behind this, focus solely on the negative. A WORD does not do that. A negative person can find negativity in just about anything!

    • PhinNomenal

      Redskins was not a tribe or term of endearment. It doesn’t represent honor or greatness. It was a term used in description of their skin. It would be akin to calling a team

      “Wetbacks” with a Mexican as the mascot
      “Darkies” (or “N” word) with an African American as the mascot
      “Yellowmen” with a Asian as the mascot

      If they are saying they don’t view it as a positive term, and it refers to them, why can’t we respect that and their feelings? All because WE like the name and logo of a football team!

      • B Christopher

        No, the “N” word is NOT the same thing. That is ridiculous.

        • PhinNomenal

          It is very much the same. All these terms are from outside the confines of the people of which the word references. Though it seems innocuous to the people who created the word, saying ANY of these terms to the face of someone from that culture will not be received very well and will likely lead to an escalated situation.

          • B Christopher

            Bleeding heart Liberals making something out of nonsense. Obama and his lackies already have the patent office canceling their trademarks. NEXT, it’ll be the IRS crawling down their throats, unless that’s already happened. We can’t have a Nativity Scene anywhere at CHRISTMAS. We’ve got kids not saying the pledge of allegiance. After the kids get done not saying the pledge of allegiance in
            School, they all sit down “Chris-Cross Applesauce Style!”
            Come on! Nobody sits Indian style? Just stop and listen to this.
            This country is going to shit, and the folks in charge are spending time talking about this crap. Do you want to know why Phin? So that we don’t talk about REAL issues, like the economy, and the disasters in Benghazi, and the cluster fuck in Iraq and soon to be Afganistan. THATS WHY! So, you folks keep worrying about the Redskins! Unbelievable. Chris-cross apple sauce style!!!!?????

            What if the little tikes are allergic to apples? Can we have THAT DEBATE ON CAPITAL HILL NEXT? It is completely offensive to people that grow oranges! Why isn’t it “Chris cross Orange Juice style? Is it kosher apple sauce?

            Listen to yourselves!!!!

          • PhinNomenal

            First, correct me if I’m wrong… but the whole discussion in the comments section started with you. Having said that, we’ll continue with the rest of your soapbox rant.

            Addressing the feelings and values of another race is not “making something out of nonsense”. The nonchalant attitude is what causes conflicts and wars like what is happening around the world. The downplay the basic courtesy of respect is nonsense.

            Maybe you are right, why ARE we discussing something as “trivial” as the name of a sports team? Heck, why are we even PLAYING sports at a time like this? We should throw another touchdown, gut another home run, score one more goal into we live in a utopia with no more wars, until crime is obliterated and everyone has enough food to sustain their families. Of course, none of that will EVER happen as long as people are intolerant of other races and groups, and not while money is a desire.

            So why are we discussing sports instead of solving these issues here? Simple: because this is the Fansided blog/forum and not CNN.

          • B Christopher

            You are wrong Phin, I have not seen one Native American talking about this. I see Harry Reid, and Obama’s henchmen driving this.

            Also, I wasn’t commenting about us, on this blog talking about it, I was referring to CONGRESS, and the US Parent office being involved.

            Let me try and understand this….. It’s ok to refer to African Americans as Black, and to Hispanics as brown, and Asians as yellow, but, not Native Americans as Redskins?

            It’s ridiculous! You and I, we have the luxury and the right to be complaining or voicing our thoughts and beliefs here, that’s what it is for.

            The Patent office is not Obama’s big stick, neither should the IRS, nor Congress, especially Senator Harry Reid, who half the time, can’t remember what he’s talking about now anyway.

            Race problems will never ever stop if we are always pointing out differences.

            Honestly, I don’t think that “Redskins” is any different than calling an African American Black.

            Maybe you can enlighten me, and while you’re enlightening me, why don’t you explain why congress, The US patent office is invved and spearheading this? FOR THE 2nd TIME IN 20 YEARS? They lost in the Supreme Court in the 90s., and probably now too, because the argument does not hold water.

            Heck, we refer to Caucasians as WHITE, I don’t see Obama having a problem with that disparaging word!