Dec 15, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Case Keenum (7) passes the ball during the third quarter against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Colts won 25-3. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Case Keenum praised by Bill O'Brien for intangibles after keeping roster spot

Houston Texans backup quarterback Case Keenum was locked in a competition with T.J. Yates to stay on the roster, and Keenum unsurprisingly won out with youth being an advantage. He didn’t exactly play well last year as Matt Schaub’s replacement, but he wasn’t terrible either and proved that he can at least be a competent backup in this league. Texans head coach Bill O’Brien recently named Ryan Fitzpatrick as his starter and rookie Tom Savage looks like Fitzpatrick’s main competition for the gig, but Keenum is still on the roster as a darkhorse after Yates was traded to the Atlanta Falcons to be Matt Ryan’s backup.

Keenum moves from a competition with Yates for a roster spot to a competition against Savage for the No. 2 gig behind Fitzpatrick. There are still no guarantees that he’ll make the roster, and this is reflected in comments he’s made following the Texans decision to name Keenum the winner over Yates.

A favorite of former head coach Gary Kubiak, O’Brien took the time to praise Keenum heavily for his intangibles, via the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain“He’s a hard worker. He’s a bright guy. He’s a good teammate. He’s coachable, puts in a lot of time, and he’s working extremely hard at it.”

We already knew that Keenum has very good intangibles, so I think it’s more interesting that there are no quotes from O’Brien praising his backup QB’s actual skill-set. In any case, Keenum has his work cut out for him, but I would be a tad surprised if he doesn’t stick around on the roster. O’Brien didn’t rule out adding a quarterback to replace him, so that’s the only scenario I can see that would cause the team to cut ties with Keenum.

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  • Chad Jensen

    Don’t be surprised if Keenum wins the job by week 1. He’s a very talented passer and as a QB guru, O’Brien will gettthe most out of him.

    • Joe Soriano

      Honestly, the competition is so wide open that nobody should be surprised at the winner.

    • bernmac

      Dude Coach already picked a historical LOSER QB as his starter over Keenum…We all know Fitz’s ceiling and it isn’t high..See Buffalo, and the Titans…He is a turnover machine has been in the league over 10 seasons and I don’t believe he has posted a winning season….Keenum is cursed..Not sure what the knock on him is…I think he brings spark, leadership, and excitement to the game..I also think he was BURNED by Kubiak last season and probably will again when Fitz gets owned by his starting right tackle missing another block and getting injured…O’Brien likes his smarts..He went to Harvard……So much for their being a FOOTBALL FIELD in the middle of NRG Stadium NOT A BOARD ROOM!!! Coach has already settled on MEDIOCRITY with this choice…I never understood why people are okay with just getting by or just being okay…With this choice that is what B.O.B is saying..It’s ok to suck..Might as well kept Schaub and Kubiak…B.O.B will be booed out of NRG stadium Kubiak style by the second home game…

    • Doug Pitre

      I am afraid that OB IS NOT interested in Case and will not spend time developing him. I hope Case can get with a team truly interested in him because the clock is ticking on his window of opportunity.
      Of course I would like the team to be the Texans. I think OB is trying very hard to find an upgrade at the QB position. If he does Case will likely be cut/traded.

  • hexor Coaches use the terms “Shotgun” and “Pistol” to describe formations because “CANNON” was already taken by Case Keenum’s right arm.