Jul 26, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets defensive end Quinton Coples (98) walks off the practice field following training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets Quinton Coples sheds 17 pounds

New York Jets pass rusher Quinton Coples is heading into his third season in the league, and it’s time for the former first-round pick to put it all together and become a dynamic pass rusher on the Jets defense. Coples showed some promise as a rookie, but he seemingly regressed last season and didn’t put consistent pressure on the quarterback. In fact, he was pretty much outplayed by veteran Calvin Pace, even if Pace’s sack totals bloated his actual impact. Last season, Coples had just 4.5 sacks despite playing behind an elite defensive line, and his work ethic has been put into question on a number of occasions, which is one side effect of playing for the team in the biggest media market.

It’s clear that Coples is aware of how big a player’s third season is, whether it’s real or caused by perception is almost irrelevant at this point. It’s also clear that he’s doing what he can to put himself in a position to succeed, as the Jets official site’s Kevin Kline writes that the 23-year-old UNC product shed 17 pounds in an effort to get to the quarterback faster as a 3-4 outside linebacker. We’ll see if the change helps, but it’s great to hear that Coples took a huge step in changing things up.

The piece is worth reading, because it outlines the steps Coples took to shed those 17 pounds, as all of those were body fat. He ate more greens, decreased his portion sizes, cut out red meats, focused on lean meats like chicken and fish, and he cut down on carbohydrates that became unnecessary.

Coples is just 23, and that explains why he hasn’t been as consistent in his first two seasons; young players take a bit longer to put things together. He’s definitely a player to watch closely next season, though I’m sure everyone has already scrutinized Coples enough during his career so far. If he can break out, then the Jets front seven should be monstrous, and he would help out a secondary that still has plenty of question marks after no marquee CB was added.

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  • Paul Newbold

    To this point Coples has been adequate. The Jets have asked alot from this kid and he’s done fairly well. Injuries have slowed him a bit, and the change of position did as well. My only problem with watching him is, that sometimes he takes plays off, it was a knock coming up to the Jets drafting him, and it still rings true from time to time. Coples wait loss should increase his speed to the quarterback, but I wou;dn’t hold my breath that he’ll provide much help to a suspect secondary however. He’s never been much to talk about in the coverage department, thus he needs to get the QB! He truly needs to have that break out year, with Barnes still rehabbing, Coples is the man they are depending on to get there as quickly as possible!! Hopefully this is Coples year to shine!!

  • lucas westwood

    Coples will be a huge asset this year. He came on last year at the end and was constantly in the backfield. He has to play like Klecko.

  • AC

    Coples play was pretty good in my opinion. I don’t put much stock into only sacks. He made BIG plays, especially the fourth down against the Saints to lock up the game, and has made similar big plays on third and fourth down in critical situations. Of course more sacks would be nice, but nobody ever gets credit for taking the block from a guy who should be double teaming Wilkerson, etc. He definitely has shaken some things up, I think people are overly critical of Coples.