Sep 8, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Officials confer after the opening kickoff between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans during the first quarter at Heinz Field. The kickoff was ruled a safety after the returned backed into the end zone with the ball. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

NFL 2014 Officiating Roster

Sept 24, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Referee Wayne Elliott (28) speaks with field judge Richard Simmons (102) before making a ruling on a call between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks during the fourth quarter at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you love them or hate them, the NFL referees are one of the NFL’s most valuable personnel. As we saw during the 2012 Packers-Seahawks match-up, quality referees are vital to the NFL’s success. Today, the NFL league office released the 2014 Officiating Roster. You can check the full manuscript out here, however because it’s nearly five pages long, I will give you the basic summary of the document and the implications for the NFL season.

Some important notes from the NFL’s press release are: “The NFL roster of game officials for the 2014 season will include 13 first-year NFL officials – and three new referees – among the group of 119, the league announced today.” As well, “Our first-year officials were all among the best in college football, including Brad Allen, one of our new referees,” said NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino. “Brad was an outstanding referee for many years in the ACC and we are excited about having him on the field. Ron and Craig have proven to be outstanding NFL officials and they also are ready to assume the referee position.” Most importantly though, “First-year official Brad Allen will join the NFL as a referee from the Atlantic Coast Conference, where he has been a referee for the past nine seasons and was regarded as one of the best in college football. Allen has refereed several major bowl games, including the 2012 Rose Bowl and 2014 Sugar Bowl. Allen replaces veteran referee Mike Carey, who will join CBS Sports as a rules analyst. Veteran NFL officials Ronald Torbert and Craid Wrolstad are also new referees in 2014, replacing retired referees Scott Green and Ron Winter. Wrolstad has spent the past 11 seasons as a field judge while Torbert has worked the past four as a side judge.”

What’s even more interesting is the addition of two FEMALE referees. According to the NFL, “joining the 119 NFL officials on the field this summer will be the 21 officials at the most advanced level of the Officiating Development Program. That group will officiate a preseason game as part of an NFL officiating crew in August and includes two females, Sarah Thomas, a line judge who returns to the program for a second year, and Maia Chaka, a head linesman in her first year in the NFL program. Both Thomas and Chaka officiated in Conference USA in 2013.”

Seeing the presence of two potential NFL referees who are women will be a refreshing change of pace from the usual Ed Hochuli and his abnormally large biceps. What’s even better though is that the NFL actually has a program in place to properly train former college referees and turn them into competent NFL refs.

If you didn’t understand that information, I have provided a some charts down here which describe the current referee situation perfectly.

Here are the new referees and their information.

New Referees

Referee Name/Number
College Attended
2013 Collegiate Conference
Brad Allen (122)RefereePembroke StateACC
Brad Freeman (88)Field JudgeMississippi StateSEC
Eugene Hall (103)Field JudgeNorth TexasBig 12
Shawn Hochuli (83)SIde JudgeClaremontPAC 12
John Jenkins (117)Field JudgeSt. Mary'sPAC 12
Alex Kemp (55)Side JudgeCentral MichiganBig 10
RIch Martinez (39)Back JudgeCanisiusSEC
Bryan Neale (92)UmpireIndianaBig 10
Scott Novak (1)Side JudgePhoenixBig 12
Steve Patrick (17)Back JudgeJacksonville StateSEC
Mark Pellis (131)UmpireAlleghenyAAC
Patrick Turner (13)Head LinesmanCal State-Long BeachPAC 12
Ed Walker (123)Line JudgeSan Jose StatePAC 12

Here are the referees in training and their information, too.

Potential 2015 NFL Referees (Currently In-Training)

Referee Name
2013 Collegiate Conference
Maia ChakaHead LinesmanConference USA
Kevin CodeyLine JudgeAmerican Athletic
Walt Coleman IVLine JudgeBig 12
Hugo CruzHead LinesmanConference USA
Ryan DicksonField JudgePAC 12
Lark JonesSide JudgeConference USA
Jeremy LomaxSide JudgeAmerican Athletic
Bart LongsonHead LinesmanPAC 12
Kevin MarUmpireBig 12
Clay MartinLine JudgeConference USA
Harold Mitchell, Jr.Head LinesmanSWAC/Conference USA
Jonah Monroe Back JudgeAmerican Athletic
Larry Neal, Jr.Back JudgeConference USA
Lyndon NixonBack JudgeBig 12
Clay Reynard Side JudgePAC 12
Aaron SantiField JudgePAC 12
Shawn SmithBack JudgeBig 10
Chris SneadUmpireSEC
Sarah Thomas Line JudgeConference USA
Jabir Walker FIeld JudgeSEC
Doug WilsonUmpire PAC 12

As well, here are the regular returning referees, their numbers and their positions.

122 Brad Allen U 
20 Barry Anderson FJ 
66 Walt Anderson R
108 Gary Arthur LJ 
72 Michael Banks SJ 
56 Allen Baynes SJ 
59 Rusty Baynes LJ 
32 Jeff Bergman LJ 
91 Jerry Bergman HL 
34 Clete Blakeman R 
23 Jerome Boger R 
18 Byron Boston LJ 
74 Derick Bowers HL 
98 Greg Bradley HL 
31 Chad Brown U 
43 Terry Brown FJ 
11 Fred Bryan U 
86 Jimmy Buchanan FJ 
94 Mike Carey R 
60 Gary Cavaletto FJ 
41 Boris Cheek FJ 
51 Carl Cheffers R 
95 James Coleman SJ 
65 Walt Coleman R 
99 Tony Corrente R 
58 Jimmy DeBell SJ 
6 Kirk Dornan BJ 
27 Lee Dyer BJ 
3 Scott Edwards FJ 
81 Roy Ellison U 
61 Keith Ferguson BJ 
64 Dan Ferrell U 
71 Ruben Fowler U 
88 Brad Freeman FJ 
133 Steve Freeman BJ 
80 Greg Gautreaux FJ 
103 Eugene Hall FJ 
49 Richard Hall U 
40 Butch Hannah U 
125 Laird Hayes SJ 
54 George Hayward HL 
93 Scott Helverson BJ
29 Adrian Hill FJ 
97 Tom Hill SJ 
28 Mark Hittner HL 
85 Ed Hochuli R 
83 Shawn Hochuli SJ 
82 Buddy Horton FJ 
37 Jim Howey FJ 
35 John Hussey LJ 
76 Darrell Jenkins U 
117 John Jenkins FJ 
101 Carl Johnson LJ 
55 Alex Kemp SJ 
121 Paul King U 
21 Jeff Lamberth SJ 
73 Joe Larrew SJ 
127 Bill Leavy R 
130 Darryll Lewis LJ 
89 Jon Lucivansky FJ 
106 Wayne Mackie HL 
10 Julian Mapp HL 
107 Ron Marinucci LJ 
39 Rich Martinez BJ 
77 Terry McAulay R 
5 John McGrath HL 
8 Dana McKenzie HL 
110 Philip McKinnely HL 
48 Jim Mello HL 
118 Dave Meslow FJ 
78 Greg Meyer SJ 
115 Tony Michalek U 
111 Terrence Miles BJ 
135 Peter Morelli R 
92 Bryan Neale U 
1 Scott Novak SJ 
124 Carl Paganelli U 
105 Dino Paganelli BJ 
46 Perry Paganelli BJ 
132 John Parry R 
17 Steve Patrick BJ 
15 Rick Patterson SJ 
79 Kent Payne HL 
9 Mark Perlman 
47 Tim Podraza LJ 
109 Dyrol Prioleau FJ 
30 Todd Prukop BJ 
63 Jim Quirk BJ 
44 Jeff Rice U 
67 Doug Rosenbaum FJ 
129 Bill Schuster U 
45 Jeff Seeman LJ 
104 Dale Shaw BJ 
90 Mike Spanier LJ 
24 Tom Stabile HL 
12 Greg Steed BJ 
84 Mark Steinkerchner 
22 Steve Stelljes HL 
68 Tom Stephan LJ 
114 Gene Steratore R 
112 Tony Steratore BJ 
102 Bruce Stritesky U 
100 Tom Symonette LJ 
62 Ronald Torbert R 
42 Jeff Triplette R 
13 Patrick Turner HL 
75 Rob Vernatchi SJ 
36 Tony Veteri HL 
52 Bill Vinovich R 
25 Bob Waggoner FJ 
123 Ed Walker LJ 
96 Undrey Wash U 
7 Keith Washington SJ 
116 Mike Weatherford SJ 
119 Greg Wilson BJ 
4 Craig Wrolstad R 
38 Greg Yette BJ 
33 Steve Zimmer FJ


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