Jun 17, 2014; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers tackle Jonathan Martin (71) walks to the locker room during minicamp at the 49ers practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

“You cannot let Jonathan Martin dominate you as an NFL player now”

Former Miami Dolphins LB Channing Crowder had his thoughts to share about San Francisco 49ers OT Jonathan Martin. Here is what he had to share over the radio on 560 AM.

“You cannot let Jonathan Martin dominate you as an NFL player now,” Crowder said. “With him quitting on the team, with him being — perception is reality — with him being as soft as he is and . . . how another grown man’s words could make you quit on your team, there is not going to be anybody that is going to let him dominate them. If anybody goes against Jonathan Martin, they have no respect for him.”

Crowder believes that Martin will get everyone’s best. Players are full of pride and Crowder thinks that they will look to dominate him. Players don’t want to be beaten by someone that has the perception of a quitter.

Martin better be ready for the competition. He better be ready more verbal abuse across the line of scrimmage. He may have been able to get out of the situation in Miami, but there will be players that will not let him live it down. He has to step up or he will be out of a job in a minute.

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  • Gloria R. Johnson

    Shit like this is a GREAT way for teams to lose fans. Moose was struggling with mental health issues. If you saw a player with a broken leg on the sidelines, you’d be pretty appalled if another player went up and kicked him while he was down. Mental health is harder to diagnose than physical health, but based on the Wells report, there were some clear indicators that he was not all well.

    He’s on the road to recovery, and he has the support of those who have been affected or know others who have been affected by mental health issues. To call a man weak for being unwell does not speak well to one’s character; it doesn’t matter if you play in the NFL or not.

    • trinity

      I think Martin should leave football altogether. His mental health issues certainly aren’t his fault, but there are few professions worse than professional football with the type of issues he has. It’s like a fierce vegetarian going to work in a slaughterhouse. They would have to take responsibility and find something that suits them better as opposed to causing trouble on the job. Martin should do the same. who knows, this guy could go off the deep end if he gets picked on again. it isn’t the place for him.

  • Travis Crouch

    If people feel sorry for him remember he call LeBron out on him quiting in the finals say he did not give his all I not like LeBron but come on you did the same thing

  • arnie

    I wish marin the best of luck on his new team.

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