Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin, Kony Ealy pushing a car that broke down

A photo of Carolina Panthers players Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin and Kony Ealy was published on Reddit with the title “So, Cam, Kelvin, and Kony are pushing a car that broke down right in front of you. What’s the first thing that runs through your mind?

That would have to be the most random site to see! Those are superstar NFL players pushing around a broken down car. Who’s car is that? I hope it is not their car. Someone needs to get hold of AAA to get that car off of the road. Isn’t Cam recovering from an ankle injury? Is this in his contract to push cars around?

At least these guys have a nice team building exercise going on! At least they are hanging out in the offseason. There are some good things to see out of this. Now someone else move that car around.

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