Aug 7, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore (21) runs on to the field prior to the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Unreliable Truth: Frank Gore

Respect can be a funny thing. It’s a positive term usuallyJ. It can get you far in life. Your parents are supposed to teach it to you. Sticking your tongue out at your mom when you were 10 was a great way to learn a bout it. You give it to your teachers, coaches, grand parents, aunts and uncles because it’s the right thing to do.

I respect all sorts of people. People who have done something I currently haven’t or maybe their just a good person. I respect my father. He’s done tons of stuff I haven’t done yet. I respect my barber. Without him I can’t get my hair to look how I want it. I respect military personnel. The sacrifice they gladly give for our safety.. Pffffttt, mega-loads of respect.

Then there’s the sports world. We respect our heroes. The JoeMontanas, the TomBradys, the MarcusAllens. Then there’s guys like

Dec 29, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The 49ers defeated the Cardinals 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Gore. For some reason we hold off on respect for guys like him. They’ve been in the league for what seems like forever. You’re expecting them to breakdown eventually. There’s no way he can keep it up this long.

Gore is only 31 years of age but people have been saying he was done or close to done five years ago. In 2006, his sophomore season was his best season. He rushed for over 1,600 yards and scored eight touchdowns. Over the next four years (2007-2010) Gore was consistently no less than a second round pick for many off you. He also did something else over that time span. He never played an entire season. We all got tired of the disappointment.

Ankle injuries, knee injuries, toe nail injuries, you name it. He had it. Nothing was debilitating. He didn’t break a leg or an arm or anything. In 2010 he only played in 11 games because of a hip injury. He didn’t have a great season by any means but he was till the 20th ranked running back in fantasy. Then it happened. He began dropping from people’s boards as “that running back I have to own” into “that running back I don’t want to own again.”

Since 2011 Gore hasn’t missed a single game. Since Jim Harbaugh took over as head coach in San Francisco Gore has been a main focal point of the offense. He’s been shadowed by other notable stars in 49ers camp like Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and Colin Kaepernick. As far as fantasy football is concerned Gore has been the highest scoring player on the team. Yet, we don’t give him any respect.

Currently, Gore has an ADP of 4.04 which is behind players like Toby Gerhart, C.J. Spiller, Andre Ellington and Reggie Bush. If you’re asking me, (Which I assume you are otherwise why are you reading?) I wouldn’t want any of those other injury prone, unproven, question mark riddled bunch of backs over Mr. Frank Gore.

Every July I read all sorts of fantasy relevant websites and magazines as well as individual team sites. Unless it’s Gore himself talking the mood is all about how Gore’s workload will  be lighter, he’s older and he’s not the guy he was a few years ago. No respect. Since Markus Lattimore’s injury and the placing of Kendall Hunter on IR second round pick Carlos Hyde is the only other viable running back on the roster besides Gore. His workload should be just fine.

Gore has rushed for over 3,500 yards the past three seasons. All under Harbaugh. In that time no other running back on the roster reached 500 yards rushing. Let’s assume for a second that Carlos Hyde rushes for 500 yards this season. Frank Gore still has enough work to reach 1,000+ yards. Let’s say you’re worried Harbaugh uses Hyde on the goal line. Gore still gets the majority of the work like he has every season under Harbaugh. He more than likely won’t score 15 touchdowns but I bet he gets eight or nine.. I’d even hold out for 10.

Like I always say we cannot deal with absolutes. We construct our roster in order to give us the best chance to win. There’s a good chance you can draft Gore as your RB2. Maybe, just maybe your draft looks like this.. Rd. 1- Calvin Johnson; Rd 2- Brandon Marshall; Rd. 3- Aaron Rodgers; Rd. 4- Frank Gore.

That’s what my mock drafts look like when I draft 5th. Every time. Well, I didn’t always get Rodgers.. I settled for Alfred Morris a few times. Still, that is one killer first four rounds if you ask me. And again, that’s why you are here.

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