Dec 15, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) talks with Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (25) following the game at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Vikings defeated the Eagles 48-30. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Top 200 Fantasy Football Player Rankings

This is my favorite time of the season. Fantasy football player rankings time is full of so much joy and wonder. No one is wrong yet. All we can do is speculate. Who will be the best wide receiver to own this year? Who really us the number one running back?  It’s an awesome amount of fun. Especially if your someone who writes articles about fantasy football. It’s like when we were 10. When I was 10 it was 1991 and fantasy football was the furthest thing from my existence and catholic school was were I spent most of my days.

Paper football was our game then. I was in the top of my fourth grade class in paper football. I also had a knack for convincing the other person into making the paper football. On rainy days the church basement cafeteria was our only refuge from the classroom. On these rainy days we would do things like play paper football. If you have no clue what I am talking about then good, the next paragraph will be a better read for you.

Paper football is a game where you fold up a piece of notebook paper into a small triangle. Then you and a friend would slide the paper football triangle across a table or desk or counter top. The object was to get the paper to stop on the edge of the table or desk or counter top. If you did it correctly you would be awarded six points with the chance to then “kick” the paper football into a pair of uprights set up by your opponents own two hands. The moving target was a constant issue.

When we were stuck inside for recess the long cafeteria tables became our playing fields. We would have multiple games going on at once between different classes with cheering and fun all around us. Just imagine 200 7-12 year old kids all hollering around different tables mirroring the basement seen at Sonny’s in A Bronx Tale. Except we didn’t put Mush in the bathroom.

Well, after a while we would come up with lists of who was the best in the class or even the school. I never officially received the title of best in the school but it was total hogwash. The 8th grader, let’s call him Anthony was the best paper football in the school. I did lose to him, a lot I might add. Right before the end of school I challenged him and I won. He then proceeded to challenge me twice more and I beat him both times. Then the end of school came. My family moved over that summer and I never saw Anthony again. I was the best in that school. Albeit for a short time I can safely say nobody was better than me at paper football in S.t John’s Elementary in 1991. If you were in the 8th grade and in that school and were renowned for your paper football skills then.. I patiently await your re-match. Anthony.

What does this have to do with fantasy football?

I’m going to tell you if you keep going.

Right now LeSean McCoy is widely considered the #1 running back in fantasy. Just like Anthony was in paper football in 1991. Through a season it might not end up that way. Adrian Peterson could very well end up on top. Maybe Eddie Lacy goes freakin’ nuts this year and ranks number one. What we do know is all we know. Basically, all we can do is speculate. The further we go the more speculative it becomes. If you think A.J. Green should be ranked lower or if you believe Carson Palmer is a top five QB is irrelevant. Make your own rankings.



You should make you’re own rankings. This way, when you’re in your draft drafting your players you can reference your rankings so you can make your picks building your team. Catching on?

Use my rankings as a guide towards your own path. Just because I like Markus Wheaton more than you doesn’t make me wrong. It makes us different. After all, we’re all snowflakes. Awwww..

OK, enough sap. Here’s the list..

MDIFS Top 200 august 2014.xlsx

Dan's Fantasy Football Top 200 (updated August 20, 2014)
No.PlayerPos. Rank
1LeSean McCoyRB1
2Adrian PetersonRB2
3Jamaal CharlesRB3
4Matt ForteRB4
5Calvin JohnsonWR1
6Jimmy GrahamTE1
7Eddie LacyRB5
8Demaryius ThomasWR2
9Dez BryantWR3
10Peyton ManinngQB1
11A.J. GreenWR4
12Drew BreesQB2
13Montee BallRB6
14Marshawn LynchRB7
15Julio JonesWR5
16DeMarco MurrayRB8
17Brandon MarshallWR6
18Aaron RodgersQB3
19Alfred MorrisRB9
20Zac StacyRB10
21Jordy NelsonWR7
22Giovani BernardRB11
23Alshon JeffreyWR8
24Le'Veon BellRB12
25Arian FosterRB13
26Antonio BrownWR9
27Doug MartinRB14
28Andre EllingtonRB1`5
29Randall CobbWR10
30Vincent JacksonWR11
31Rob GronkowskiTE2
32Julius ThomasTE3
33Keenan AllenWR12
34Victor CruzWR13
35Ryan MatthewsRB16
36Toby GerhartRB17
37Pierre GarconWR14
38Roddy WhiteWR15
39Andre JohnsonWR16
40C.J. SpillerRB18
41Michael CrabtreeWR17
42Frank GoreRB19
43Reggie BushRB20
44Cordarrelle PattersonWR18
45Larry FitzgeraldWR19
46Rashad JenningsRB21
47Michael FloydWR20
48Joique BellRB22
49Matthew StaffordQB4
50DeSean JacksonWR21
51Wes WelkerWR22
52Andrew LuckQB5
53Torrey SmithWR23
54Bishop SankeyRB23
55Percy HarvinWR24
56Shane VereenRB24
57Stevan RidleyRB25
58Jordan CameronTE4
59Chris JohnsonRB26
60Ray RiceRB27
61Mike WallaceWR25
62Vernon DavisTE5
63Ben TateRB28
64Matt RyanQB6
65Ty HiltonWR26
66Tom BradyQB7
67Robert Griffin IIIQB8
68Lamar MillerRB29
69Trent RichardsonRB30
70Cam NewtonQB9
71Nick FolesQB10
72Kendall WrightWR27
73Marques ColstonWR28
74Jeremy MaclinWR29
75Eric DeckerWR30
76Terrance WilliamsWR31
77Julian EdelmanWR32
78Tony RomoQB11
79Steven JacksonRB31
80Golden TateWR33
81Greg OlsenTE6
82Pierre ThomasRB32
83Jay CutlerQB12
84Colin KaepernickQB13
85Jason WittenTE7
86Emmanuel SandersWR34
87Jordan ReedTE8
88Fred JacksonRB33
89Reggie WayneWR35
90Maurice Jones-DrewRB34
91Kyle RudolphTE9
92Dennis PittaTE10
93Sammy WatkinsWR36
94Rueben RandleWR37
95Russell WilsonQB14
96Brandin CooksWR38
97Bernard PierceRB35
98Philip RiversQB15
99Mike EvansWR39
100Cecil ShortsWR40
101Dwayne BoweWR41
102Terrance WestRB36
103Kelvin BenjaminWR42
104Deandre HopkinsWR43
105Jeremy HillRB37
106Zach ErtzTE11
107Laderius GreenTE12
108Antonio GatesTE13
109Riley CooperWR44
110Justin HunterWR45
111Anquan BoldinWR46
112Andy DaltonQB16
113DeAngelo WilliamsRB38
114Darren SprolesRB39
115Darren McFaddenRB40
116Chris IvoryRB41
117Danny WoodheadRB42
118Martellus BennettTE14
119Markus WheatenWR47
120Carlos HydeRB43
121Charles ClayTE15
122Tavon AustinWR48
123Mark IngramRB44
124Hakeem NicksWR49
125Greg JenningsWR50
126Brian HartlineWR51
127Ben RoethlisbergerQB17
128Devonte FreemanRB45
129Andre WilliamsRB46
130Kenny StillsWR52
131Knowshon MorenoRB47
132Carson PalmerQB18
133Jarrett BoykinWR53
134Seattle D/STDST1
135Aaron DobsonWR54
136Jordan MatthewsWR55
137LeGarrette BlountRB48
138Danny AmendolaWR56
139Ryan TannehillQB19
140Ahmad BradshawRB49
141Doug BaldwinWR57
142Shonn GreeneRB50
143Khiry RobinsonRB51
144James JonesWR58
145Christine MichaelRB52
146Heath MillerTE16
147Steve SmithWR58
148Eli ManningQB20
149Alex SmithQB21
150Kenny BrittWR59
151Dwayne AllenTE17
152Jonathan StewartRB53
153Delanie WalkerTE18
154Marvin JonesWR60
155Tyler EifertTE19
156San Francisco D/STD/ST2
157Johnny ManzielQB22
158Josh GordonWR61
159Eric EbronTE20
160Marqis LeeWR62
161Andrew HawkinsWR63
162Josh McCownQB23
163Odell Beckham Jr.WR64
164Donald BrownRB54
165Lance DunbarRB55
166Knile DavisRB56
167Rod StreaterWR65
168Sam BradfordQB24
169Joe FlaccoQB25
170James WhiteRB57
171St. Louis D/STD/ST3
172Carolina D/STD/ST4
173Jared Cook TE21
174Garret GrahamTE22
175Robert WoodsWR66
176James StarksRB58
177Roy HeluRB59
178Jerricho CotcheryWR67
179Ronnie HilmanRB60
180Geno SmithQB26
181Jake LockerQB27
182Mike WilliamsWR68
183Malcom FloydWR69
184Harry DouglasWR70
185Tre MasonRB61
186Miles AustinWR71
187Travis KelceTE23
188Steve JohnsonWR72
189Cincinnati D/STD/ST5
190Bryce BrownRB62
191Andre BrownRB63
192Denver D/STD/ST6
193C.J. AndersonRB68
194E.J. ManuelQB28
195Cody LattimerWR73
196Andre HolmesWR74
197New England D/STD/ST7
198Charles SimsRB69
199Jacquizz RodgersRB70
200Jace AmaroTE24
201Teddy BridgewaterQB29
202Cleveland D/STD/ST8
203New York (J) D/STD/ST9
204Brandon LaFellWR75
205Buffalo D/STD/ST10

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