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Fantasy Football Do Not Draft List

Fantasy football is a lot like life. I know, I’ve said it before. I want to hammer it home. In real life you’ve probably made a purchase or two that you regretted down the road. Remember the Jaguar gaming system?


I guess you weren’t one of the 17,000 people to have bought one in 1994. What a waste of money. They made something like three games for that system. Not too mention is cost almost $300. Stupid waste.

There will be players in this years draft that will also be a stupid waste for you. These players are getting drafted way too early or are being targeted while more deserving players are getting passed on. I guess this list should have been called Players not to draft too early but to wait on but I mean c’mon.. That’s a long title. Of course, in most of these cases I’m not saying I wouldn’t own this guy or that guy. It’s more like a risk versus reward thing. There’s a fine line we all walk as we evaluate a player for our fantasy team. We either like him or we don’t. How we come to that conclusion is different for all of us. It’s my job to give you the best advice towards a properly discussed decision.

That’s it.

It’s still your decision. Now, you have something to base that decision off of.

Let’s get right into the Fantasy Football Do Not Draft List of 2014..

Trent Richardson-

Ahmad who?

O.K. I know. Duh! I can feel your *sigh coming through my computer screen. Very few of you reading this think you’re going to draft him. I’m here to tell you one out of ten of you will. According to these guys his ADP is 6.04 or an early seventh round draft pick. Seventh round?!  I don’t mean to shout but take a look at players who are getting passed on for guy who hasn’t averaged over four yards a carry since October of his rookie year.. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jeremy Maclin, Nick Foles, Jason Witten, Brandin Cooks, Mike Wallace, Darren Sproles.. Darren Freakin’ Sproles? Yea.. I know, I nearly fell out of my chair. All I know is this. If you told me I could have a dude who will probably catch 65 balls out of the backfield, rush 90 times and score seven or more TD’s or a less than four yard a carry running back who might lose his job three weeks into the season? I’m skipping T-Rich every time.

Marshawn Lynch-

Picked too early or not.. He is beast mode. For how long?

O.K. Calm down. Let me explain. I can’t talk to you when you’re like this. Calmed down? Better? Good. Now, I realize seeing his name on a Do Not Draft List seems upsetting but you have to remember something. All this means is his current ADP is too high. Only three running backs in the last ten years of the NFL have had three straight seasons of 300 or more rushing attempts by the age of 28. Shaun Alexander, Edgerrin James and LaDainain Tomlinson. Only James did it at 29. Lynch is currently 28. The question is, am I confident enough that he can do what he has done in the past? This is despite the average wear and tear of an NFL running back and an emerging talent like Christine Michael behind him. I’d rather have Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, Montee Ball or A.J. Green. All with potentially the same upside but higher floors than the running back in Seattle.

Who thought a repeat defensive performance such as ours was last year would be so hard?

Seattle D/ST-

This isn’t a hate on Seattle column. I promise. I’m simply compiling a list of fantasy relevant players who are being drafted too high. I promise you, if you draft the Seattle D/ST this year you took them too early. Last year, in ESPN scoring Seattle outscored the next best defense by one point per game. Not a big difference. I’m a big believer in streamlining your defense from week to week. It’s been proven to work out the same if not better than owning one defense the entire season. It leaves you room to take a better player at another position. If you decide you don’t care and want to take Seattle D/ST with their current ADP of an early 8th rounder make sure your sure. Like, really make sure. If you’re not sure it’s probably because you like the idea of having a Kelvin Benjamin,  Carlos Hyde, Greg Olsen, Zach Ertz, Kendall Wright or Knowshon Moreno. Each of those guys have a higher ceiling. Again, you’re risking very little by not drafting Seattle early. You risk a lot by reaching for them.

Any Kicker-


Stop it already. Stop taking kickers in the 12th round. Stop taking them all together. I mean it. Don’t draft a kicker this year. Wait. I mean really wait. Wait until the first Sunday at 12:54 P.M. That’s eastern time. Take a chance on a guy. Any guy. Any red-blooded running and or receiving guy in the league. Maybe even another throwing guy. No other position is as impossible to predict. You know that guy in your league who’s going to take Stephen Gostkowski in the 12th.. You know him. Every league has at least one of these guys. Well, he’s going to miss out on some potentially really good players. Players like Eric Ebron who could turn into a touchdown machine in Detroit. Totally possible. He or she will also pass up on Ryan Tannehill. It’s this guys third year. It’s now or never for the Dolphins QB. Maybe he goes nuts and turns into a top 12 QB. You’ll never know because you had to have Justin Tucker in the 14th. No, I don’t think Blair Walsh is a sleeper.


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