Chicago Bears 30 Greatest Players of All-Time

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It seems like every year the Chicago Bears go into a season ranked last in their division. Just ask ESPN. But their franchise is a storied one, rich in history.

(Original Caption) 7/27/1939-Chicago, IL- Sid Luckman, Columbia University football star, signs a two year contract to play with the Chicago Bears. George Halas, the President and coach of the Bears looks on approving as Luckman affixes his signature to the Bears contract. Photo credit: (Bettman Pictures/Getty Images)

There are only two teams currently in the NFL that are founding members, the Chicago Bears (Decatur Staleys, Chicago Staleys) and the Arizona Cardinals (Chicago Cardinals). Even though the Green Bay Packers were founded in 1919, they joined the NFL in 1921. However, it was George Halas, a player for the Decatur Staleys who founded pro football in 1920, posting a 10-1-2 record in the inaugural season.

The Chicago Bears won nine league championships, four conference championships, 23 Division championships, appeared in 26 playoffs including two Super Bowl appearances with one win, the now famous 1985 game.

Ask any Bears fan and they will talk about it as if it happened just yesterday.

Their all-time season record is 741-555-42, which places the Chicago Bears as the number one all-time winning team in NFL franchise history. For the longest time, the Bears held the title of the Monsters of the Midway because of their ruthless and dominating defenses. There was no mercy when the Bears defense was on the field and they made their presence known on every down.

And like so many teams there are good seasons and bad seasons.

Since then, the fans have only memories of Hall of Fame players and the stigma of being owned by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers at Soldier Field. Despite their less-than-victorious record against the Packers, the storied history of the Chicago Bears rings in the state of Illinois with greats such as Walter Payton, Dick Butkus and “Iron” Mike Ditka.

With the 2016 Bears looking to reinvent themselves and claim the title of Monsters of the Midway once again, we will count on the leadership of Ryan Pace and John Fox in a countdown of the 30 Greatest Chicago Bears Players of All-Time.

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