2017 NFL Free Agency: Grades for All 32 Teams After First Wave

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With the first wave of 2017 NFL Free Agency come and gone grades are assigned for all 32 teams for the work —or lack thereof— during this phase

2017 NFL free agency is here, and it couldn’t have come soon enough. Once the Super Bowl is over it feels like an eternity until the new season begins in the NFL. Of course, it really isn’t that long, but for die hard fans that lack of action for a month feels like torture. Then the legal tampering period begins—which may be the dumbest thing ever, but that’s for another day. Two days after that, the league year opens and the moves begin.

From that point on it’s hard to keep up with the flurry of action. Players who were secondary options on their respective rosters suddenly get paid like stars. On the flip-side, veterans whose name and notoriety has far surpassed their actual play get axed.

Some examples of that include wide receiver Robert Woods landing a massive deal to go from a No. 2 wideout in Buffalo to being the man for the Los Angeles Rams. Then there was the Philadelphia Eagles cutting outside linebacker Connor Barwin.

Those are just two of the many moves that highlighted the first wave of 2017 NFL free agency. Now that the action has slowed down some each team can be graded for how they performed—or maybe how they didn’t—so far in the new football year.

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