2019 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 5

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Denver Broncos (0-4) at Los Angeles Chargers (2-2)

Sunday, October 6, 4:05PM ET

Here’s the situation with these two teams. The Los Angeles Chargers are probably better than their record indicates, while the Denver Broncos are probably a little better than theirs does. With that said, this one should be pretty clear-cut.

The Broncos aren’t going to win this game. They’ll keep it close, and may even take the lead sometime during the second half. When all is said and done, though, they’ll succumb to the lack of talent throughout the roster that has gotten them to 0-4.

On defense, the Broncos are bruised and battered, and haven’t played nearly as well as people expected them to in 2019. The offense has gotten better as the weeks have progressed, but their offensive line has consistently set them back. And when the front five isn’t making mistakes, the youth of their offensive weapons is filling the void.

Meanwhile, the Chargers have played strong football so far and should continue to do so. Philip Rivers is slinging it as usual, and Austin Ekeler has been a star. Especially with the return of Melvin Ingram to the lineup, I can’t see the Broncos outscoring the Chargers on Sunday.

Prediction: Chargers win 33-17