Chicago Bears: 5 Players who must shine vs. Chargers in Week 8

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Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback

This has been a rough week for the Chicago Bears generally, but especially tough for Mitch Trubisky specifically. Many fans lost their patience and are loudly calling for a change. They don’t view him as the franchise quarterback.

How bad have things gotten for Trubisky? A kid was interviewed at the Blackhawks/Vegas Golden Knights game. When asked what he was going to be for Halloween, he said a football player. When asked which player, he said Mitch Trubisky. The over 21,000 fans at the United Center loudly booed the kid.

That’s got to hurt.

Most fans have been patient with Trubisky but he continues to make the same mistakes. He misses on basic passes, stares down his receivers, and has trouble reading defenses. These are all things the coaching staff said he conquered during the offseason.

At some point, Trubisky needs to put things together and lead the offense. It cannot be for just one game, either. He needs to start to string a few good performances together or even the coaches and the front office run out of patience themselves.

Trubisky looks unsure of himself on the field. He sometimes has that deer in the headlights look in his eyes. Nagy said that Trubisky got the system down pat and he just needed to read the defenses. He’d be playing more instinctively than last season. That hasn’t happened, though.

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If Trubisky wants to calm all of the negativity surrounding the team he needs to step up and shine against the Chargers. That will silence the critics, but only for a week. I don’t want to think about what happens if he has another bad outing.