Chicago Bears: 3 Observations from Week 11 loss to Rams

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Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images
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Trubisky’s last chance is gone

So what happens with Trubisky now? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears eventually place Trubisky on injured reserve, giving Nagy a chance to work with Daniel for the rest of the season. If they just bench him, that destroys whatever little confidence he has.

If they put Trubisky on injured reserve, they have an out. They can say that Nagy didn’t just bench Trubisky because of poor play. The Bears can say that he would’ve continued to start had it not been for the injury.

That way, if they still want to give him a chance, they’ll have him compete for the job against another quarterback. Daniel becomes a free agent after the season so the Bears could let him walk and have a quarterback battle next preseason. The winner starts and the loser becomes the backup.

There are plenty of quarterbacks around the NFL who considered themselves starters but sat on their bench waiting for their opportunity. Take Teddy Bridgewater, for example. He could be a starter on other teams but he was on the New Orleans Saints’ bench behind future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees.

He didn’t expect a lot of playing time, but then Brees went down with an injury. Bridgewater stepped up and the Saints went undefeated with him. That would be the best course of action if Pace still feels Trubisky can get better. I think he could, but he’ll never be a franchise quarterback.

People can continue to talk about the offensive line and it’s true the line needs improvement. The problems with Trubisky against the Rams wasn’t on them, though. They gave up three sacks, but Trubisky was sacked just once, and it was because he held onto the ball too long. The other two came on the final drive with Daniel in.

Seeing how Trubisky processes plays, he just isn’t ready to be a starter. The speed of the game is too fast for him. That was on display against the Rams again. The play where he supposedly got injured at the end of the first half was on him.

Looking at the field, no one was open. He had plenty of protection, but with nobody open, he should’ve just thrown the ball away. Instead, he took an unnecessary hit. Additionally, he had Allen Robinson open on a play but he couldn’t pull the trigger on the pass, held onto the ball, and took a sack. He was saved on the play by a Rams defending holding call.

Let’s also talk about the option play. Trubisky was supposed to run towards the line of scrimmage to make the defender commit to either Montgomery or him. He ran across and didn’t wait, allowing the defender to hit Montgomery for a five-yard loss.

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Trubisky also had overthrows, underthrows (he even hit a Rams player on his back with one of his throws) and he threw behind Anthony Miller, who tipped it and the Rams defender got an interception.

These are things that Trubisky continually does. He makes the same mistakes every game. He hasn’t learned from his mistakes and it’s time for the Bears to part ways and find someone else.