Dallas Cowboys: Win-loss predictions for remainder of 2019 season

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Dallas Cowboys
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Week 14 at Bears

Playing on Thursday Night Football makes weird things happen. We’ve seen it time and again throughout the years that, in many cases, what would make sense for a given matchup goes out the window when playing on Thursday night. And while this won’t be a short week for the Cowboys after they played on Thanksgiving the previous week, you still can’t rule that out.

Make no mistake, though, Dallas is a better team than the Chicago Bears. Who knows if Mitchell Trubisky, who was benched late in Week 11 due to a suspect hip injury, will be the starting quarterback at this point for Chicago but the fact remains that the Bears offense has looked quite problematic this season no matter who is playing quarterback.

On top of that, the issues on the Bears offense have bled into the defense. Khalil Mack and this unit are loaded with talent. However, they’ve been on the field so often and forced to carry this team as a whole that they’ve simply looked worn down and less elite than their talent would suggest. With all of that, the Cowboys have the goods to go on the road and win.

However, this feels like the exact time that Dallas will come off of two big wins and deliver a dud. It’ll be another strange installment of Thursday Night Football as the Cowboys go on the road and get nothing going offensively and, at the end of the day, lose in an ugly, low-scoring affair to Chicago.

Predicted Result: Loss