10 Teams that should trade for Nick Foles in 2020 if Jaguars stick with Gardner Minshew

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5. Panthers

A few months ago, the thought of Foles joining a team like the Carolina Panthers sounded ridiculous to even consider since the future appeared to be bright with Kyle Allen.

For years, Cam Newton has been the main focus on offense for the Panthers, but after seeing how successful the unit has been at times in 2019 with Allen under center, it seems like only a matter of time before the former No. 1 pick ends up on a new team.

With that being said, Carolina has quickly gone from serious contenders to pretenders after Ron Rivera’s team suffered a fourth loss in a row in Week 13, making Allen’s future as the starter seem uncertain.

Even if the argument can be made that Allen should get another chance to be the full-time starter in 2020 since he’s inexperienced, the Panthers aren’t in position to go through another year of rebuilding with the talent to work with on both sides of the football.

In comparison, Foles seems like a major upgrade over Allen just from experience alone, and one can only imagine how much the former Super Bowl MVP would benefit from having a teammate in Christian McCaffrey to work with on offense.