Chicago Bears: 5 Players who need to play well to beat Packers in Week 6

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears: 5 players that must step up to beat the Packers

Justin Fields gets his chance at a big game

This game will give Fields a chance to relive his college days. In the Big Ten, there were some big rivalries. I’m not sure, however, if they’ll compare to this one. The Bears/Packers rivalry is the oldest in the NFL. Fields knows this and he says he’s ready for it.

"I mean, a rivalry game, it’s big. I’ve been in the position before. I wouldn’t say it totally prepares me for this, but I have a pretty good idea of what a big rivalry game looks like. Trash talk before the game, in warmups, fans talking trash and stuff like that, I always enjoyed that… I mean, yeah, just the competition that goes with it. Just the excitement, and just the competition and stuff like that."

This is the type of game that creates legends. Fields understands that. As he said before he started his first practice, “I’m built for this.”

One thing Fields needs is for the coaches to let him loose. They’ve handcuffed him too much so far. Yes, he is the starter, but I don’t think head coach Matt Nagy still trusts him. He keeps his passes to a minimum.

Nagy needs to trust Fields to make big plays. He’s shown that he can make the deep throw. Also, he’s made the important throw when needed. Now he needs to get the opportunity to take control of the offense.

Now Fields gets his first shot at a huge game. Should he step up and win this game he’ll put the city in a frenzy. The fans are dying to reverse their misfortunes against Green Bay.

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Fields is already taking control of the team. His offense is playing as he does — tough and resilient. They’re playing as tough as he does, not letting things bring them down. If he can engineer a win against the Packers his teammates will run through walls for him.