Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best

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AT&T Stadium
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Every NFL stadium ranked from worst to best: 2. AT&T Stadium

Rumor has it, you can see the gigantic Dallas Cowboys TV screen from space. Alright, that’s not exactly true but it sure does seem right.

“Jerry’s World” aka, AT&T Stadium, grabbed a ton of attention when it first opened up in 2009. The reason was simple, as previously mentioned, the jumbotron is enormous. It stretches from the home team’s 20-yard line to the opposing team’s 20-yard line.

Overall, Cowboys Stadium feels like a romantic setting. There isn’t a bad seat in the house and the fans are right on top of the action. The seats are possibly the most comfortable in the entire NFL and fans are often seen walking around the stadium simply taking in the sights.

Also, just to prove how great this stadium truly is, it’s become a hotbed for just about every sporting event. Boxing, more specifically, has turned AT&T Stadium into one of its favorite places to host events.

With the good, however, comes the bad. AT&T Stadium is notoriously known for having some of the most high-priced seats. For example, it costs upwards of $75 for just a parking spot. Also, to throw a bit of a downer on the place, fans of the Cowboys aren’t the craziest. Oftentimes, the Cowboys have no choice but to sit back and stomach their fans cheering for the other team.