Chicago Bears: Storylines to watch in game against Green Bay Packers

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Chicago Bears
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Will the Chicago Bears remember Rodgers’ words?

The last time the Chicago Bears faced the Packers Rodgers had a subpar game — for him. He threw for 195 yards, far below his normal average against the Bears (239). After seeing him throw so many touchdowns against Chicago, having just two was okay.

The only problem was that Rodgers’ timing was impeccable. Just when the Bears were mounting a comeback, he completed pass after pass until he ran the ball into the end zone himself. He then snapped back at the fans who were yelling at him. He yelled that he owned the Bears and that he still owns them.

That created quite a stir around the league. The fact that he was pretty much correct just added to the embarrassment for Chicago.

While his words were on target, Rodgers caused the vitriol from Bears’ fans against him to increase. I wasn’t sure someone could be more hated by a fanbase but yes, it happened.

Now we have the rematch. Will the Bears remember Rodgers’ words when they meet this Sunday? Reporters asked Nagy that question. His response was short.

"We’re aware of it."

Now we have to see if those words come back to haunt Rodgers. These players need to show some pride and dial things up. His career record and numbers might say that Rodgers is correct in his statement, it doesn’t mean that they can’t own him at least for one game.