5 Chicago Bears replacement options for Matt Nagy

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2. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern Wildcats Head Coach

Another candidate with ties to the Chicagoland area is Pat Fitzgerald of the Northwestern Wildcats. He’s been linked to the Chicago Bears for years, even when they weren’t looking for a head coach.

Fitzgerald was actually a candidate for the Green Bay Packers head coach position in 2019 Mark Murphy, President of the Packers, was formerly the AD for Northwestern). He turned them down when Green Bay requested an interview.

Fitzgerald has been Northwestern’s head coach since 2006. He’s had some success there and is extremely respected. He is picky about leaving that job. Apparently, the Chicago Bears would be the only job he’d leave Northwestern for. He doesn’t want to be away from his family. He’s from Orland Park so he wants to stay in the Chicagoland area.

Fitzgerald is already familiar with Justin Fields. He recruited him to go to Northwestern. Before the Bears drafted Fields, they went to Fitzgerald to get information on him and he praised the young man. He and Fields could have a connection with the Bears.

Going the college route is risky, but Fitzgerald could be worth it. He’s had success there despite the history of losing there (he has a 109-90 record there). He should be the only college candidate the Bears consider.